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Here we go again: Chinese whispers whistling in the wind about the new iPhone 5 hitting stores some time in September. While the world waits for confirmation from Apple, some creatives have taken the liberty to think up their own iPhone 5 concepts. Most are moderately realistic, some futuristic, và a handful of these designs are made khổng lồ push boundaries. At least wishful thinking still counts for something these days.

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Let’s not waste any more time, alright? Feast your eyes on these delectable iPhone 5 concepts that can help keep you busy until the real one hits stores. Name your favorite in the Comments section.

Note: This article was first published on: Aug 1, 2012
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Liquid Metal

A concept developed by NAK Studio, this Liquid iPhone 5 LM features a monstrous 4.5″ widescreen, a Quad-core A6 chip, a virtual home button that disappears in landscape mode, and a 10-MP camera. It’s also 1.4 milimet thinner than the current iPhone, giving it a sleek, classy look.

Transparent iPhone 5

This is by far one of the most unique & creative concepts out there for the upcoming iPhone 5. Such a kiến thiết would revolutionize điện thoại cảm ứng designs forever. Apart from a see-through retina display, it features a Quad-core A5 chip, the latest iOS, a virtually projected keyboard for better typing, and augmented reality.

Chicken iPhone 5 concept

This concept has a lot of shine lớn it. This iPhone 5 vision involves an elongated home button, a slim, rectangular design featuring a 4-inch display. At 7-mm thickness & a 10-megapixel iSight camera at the back, plus a 5MP one at the front, this concept is as optimized as it can get.

White iPhone 5

Time to add a slight curve khổng lồ the iPhone design. To lớn cater to lớn the ergonomic change, the camera is now placed right in the middle, và topside. When viewed from the back of the phone, the design is very similar lớn Apple’s Magic Mouse.

Square iPhone 5

From the curvy khổng lồ super boxy, this Square iPhone 5 concept instead features a tiny round touchscreen trang chủ button. The “Home” button is digital và can show you icon apps on it (one icon at a time), which users can slide up to lớn open. It can also be used khổng lồ show the “Weather” & “Time” in Sleep mode.

Asymmetrical iPhone 5

This thiết kế is interesting as it goes from a traditional rectangle or curved design lớn one with a more quality touch to lớn it. One side of the phone has corners while the other doesn’t. The side “+” & “-” buttons are more embedded into the side design. Asymmetry aside, there isn’t much else to địa chỉ to the concept, but what a concept this is.

The Verge iPhone 5

This concept was built on rumors that kept pouring in from all sides – designed by the folks over at “This is My Next”. The sketch suggested a screen of 3.7-inches, which will occupy the entire (or near it) front of the phone, leaving almost no bezel. The home button doubles as a gesture area & you won’t find any buttons on the side of the phone.

The New iPhone

The “New iPhone” concept is based on the hoards of rumors coming in regarding the iPhone 5 having a ‘confirmed’ 4.0″ inch screen. It supports 4G LTE without a SIM card, features two panel speakers, an integrated home button & it’s large display screen allows for desktop space.

iPhone SJ

One of the most realistic mockup in this whole group, if you see this for the first time you would probably think it is the real deal. The notable differences I can see are a little more round bezel around the corners, new side buttons along with a polycarbonated lightweight body. If you haven’t figured it out, the SJ stands for Steve Jobs, the source of inspiration for this mockup design.

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iPhone 5G

The best things I like about this concept are the various colors, as everyone has different favorite colors. The features of this concept include an 8-megapixel camera with HD capture and (I assume) an táo bị cắn dở A5 dual-core CPU. This iPhone 5 uses a single part casing that is made out of magnesium, for a very lightweight design.

iPhone Full Screen

This model, made by Alternative Industries (according lớn design measurements given by the artist), measures a mere 4 milimet in thickness and takes the whole idea of a bezel out of the design. The form size of the screen is approximately around 4.0 inches, by the looks of it. The pleasures of browsing online & watching a movie on this iPhone 5 concept would be an amazing experience.

Size Zero iPhone 5

This concept comes from Italy, courtesy of Antonello Falcone. The idea is based on a bigger display, something around 4.6″ inch, built on a curved glass display giving the device a reduced thickness of 8.4 mm. Another major change is the replacement of the physical “Home” button with a softer cảm biến area.

HTC-Like iPhone 5

Will the thought of having a larger display screen push iPhone makers khổng lồ adopt HTC’s kiến thiết style for the new iPhone 5? I doubt it. You can tell I’m not a huge tín đồ of this concept but with a larger screen rumored in the mix, this is a viable design to lớn consider.

Future iPhone

This may not be the best render out there, yet it serves as a good concept of the upcoming iPhone 5. A traditional white màu sắc would be great, considering the popularity of a trắng iPhone 4. Speculating, looking at the image, there is a notably larger screen as is predicted for the iPhone 5. However, one thing I notice is that the “On/Off” nguồn switch is shifted khổng lồ the left-hand side rather at the default right.

Simplistic Silver

The concept has an LED light on the lower right side (next lớn the “Home” button) lớn notify you of the smartphone’s functioning mode, orange for no service or connection, green for good battery life, red for low, & flash trắng for new notifications.

iPhone 5 Concept

The thickness of this iPhone measures around an amazing 6.35mm, while the length comes to close to 6 cm. It looks more lượt thích a pouch than a phone.

iPhone Spyder

This iPhone concept takes things lớn a whole new level and incorporates the use of a spider-like stick-on design. This makes it more of a jewelry, a bracelet if you will, rather than a phone. In my opinion, the screen would be flexible and very resilient, probably with a 3-inch diagonal or close to that.

iPhone 5 Alleged

This thiết kế is similar to the current iPhone & has a much more similarity to the current iPod Touch. The representation here, however, does show a 4-inch screen that preserves Apple’s current screen ratio. The thiết kế is thicker at the top & slightly reduced at the bottom. We’ll see if this is close lớn the reality very soon.

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By the time this post is published, I am sure loads of other concepts will surface across the Internet. So, if you know of any concept that has caught your eye more than others, post a link below in the comments and let us know too.