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Are you ready to lớn save the world? Don the sword & armor in Infinity Blade APK. Go through the campaign and finish many levels as you fight enemies

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Infinity Blade
Aug 2, 2022
Android 5+
20 MB
Serpent Sands

Download Infinity Blade app android – kích hoạt RPG

Role playing games has always been in the heart of many. Infinity Blade is a spectacular apk RPG game that showcases the rule of the God King.

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Now, it’s your turn to lớn save your people from the oppression that he has shown. Lead your people from the darkness as you go to lớn the Dark Citadel lớn kill his minions & ultimately the boss.

The game has an incredible story that suits the kích hoạt well. There are dialogues throughout the levels for players to lớn understand the story. The game was made using Unreal Engine 3 lớn bring out a dynamic and incredible kích hoạt game.


With the simplest controls, you can rise lớn be the ultimate knight that will không tính tiền your people. Claw your way out & challenge the gods!

Infinity Blade: What is it?

RPG games has been a huge genre in the game android gaming world. The genre is filled to the brim with overdone games. Infinity Blade brings a breath of fresh air as even though it’s old, it’s got everything you’ll ever want.

First, it features a masterpiece of a story starring the knight Siris which is the protagonist. He’s a knight unlike any other with unwavering strength & morals.

The world has been in the rule of the God King và it’s time to lớn change that. Journey through countless lands to seize control back of the world. Fight titans & conquer the Dark Citadel to lớn ultimately battle against the God King.

The game is an interesting RPG fighting with the ultimate graphics to lớn boot. It’s exceptional in a lot of ways that not many games can imitate. This game has many sequels such as Awakening, Infinity Blade II and III.

Offline Campaign

The trò chơi follows the story of how Siris goes to the center of the God King’s territory lớn defeat him. Before that, there are numerous challenges standing on his way. As someone born with the bloodline of the protagonist, it’s your duty lớn fight evil.


To bởi vì this, you’ll go through many places that can be unlocked as you increase your level. First is the Scenorio which is where you can unlock chapters like Sakura, Dragon, Cave, Arena, Clan Dusty, Jurnney, Library và more.

You can also start at the Normal difficulty, và you can increase it to Hard once you reach màn chơi 10. For the ultimate challenge, the difficulty Hell can be played once you get to màn chơi 25.

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In each chapter, there are many levels to lớn finish with dialogues that will progress the story. For instance, in the New Start in the Sakura chapter, you’ve just killed the God King but now every deathless will hunt you. Now, the mission is lớn get lớn Saydhi khổng lồ get answers.

One cảm ứng Controls

The most interesting aspect in Infinity Blade are the one-touch controls. Unlike usual fighting games, players can’t move their characters in any direction. Instead, they can attack, dodge, block & use spells. This is all done by swiping your finger in certain directions.

First, you can tap the enemy with a glowing blue circle to initiate the fight. You can hold the screen lớn dodge any attack. You can then swipe left or right khổng lồ attack right after dodging. You’ll also need to lớn wait for the enemy khổng lồ be dizzy before attacking.


The trò chơi will provide you with directions to attack so you can perform combos & counterattack. The best attack is one where you can time your enemies correctly.

After defeating an enemy, you’ll get rewards lượt thích EXP, gold, và various valuable items.

Character Customization

Infinity Blade offers character customization for players to lớn use. The first sword to lớn be used is the Infinity Blade which you get after killing the God King. It’s a blade that binds itself to the user without fail.

But you can also unlock many swords, shields, armor, helmets, và magic items. These give different looks and status effects to lớn your character. You can then level up your character as well by increasing its stats.

You can increase the following:

HealthAttackShieldMagic Skills

Leveling up is one of the main purposes of the game. The more you cấp độ up, the more chapters you can unlock và features to use. Moreover, the more your gold coins are, the more things you can buy in the shop. Continuous fighting is what gets you all these things.

Incredible Cast of Characters

Infinity Blade revolves around a mix cast of characters. First is Siris which is the main character. Then, there’s Isa which is the ally of Siris who’s a female. There are also other characters like the Worker of Secrets, Ryth, Gortoel, Therin, TEL, The Collector, Minnoch, Melek, Deathless Blademasters và more.

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You’ll face many enemies and allies in the game as they’ll come for your sword. Stories will also fill your screen with every màn chơi finished.

Download Infinity Blade apk – latest version

Prepare for the ultimate RPG with Infinity Blade. Use your sword for the betterment of your people!