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Honkai Impact 3 – Exchange Codes List (September 2021) & How To Redeem Codes

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Honkai Impact 3 is a popular action-fighter game available on both Mobile and desktop.

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Like many other games, Honkai Impact 3 features a code redemption system that allows players to redeem codes in the game.

You can speed up your progress in the game by redeeming codes as they can contain anything from Crystals khổng lồ Mithril.

In this frequently updated codes list, we post all active sầu Honkai Impact 3 codes for you to redeem in the game.

We recommkết thúc that you check baông chồng for new codes once in a while, as the developers continue lớn release them for new updates và events.

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Honkai Impact 3 codes

As you can tell, there are a lot of resources lớn claim if you redeem all active exchange codes in Honkai Impact 3.

Therefore, you should always lookout for new codes, as the rewards from claiming all of them will boost your progress a lot.

To ensure active codes work, type them in, in the exact same capitalization as shown in the danh sách below.

By leveraging the rewards of these codes, you can tốc độ up your progress.

If you get an error message when trying to redeem a code, it means that you’ve either typed it in incorrectly, that you aren’t eligible khổng lồ receive sầu it, or that it has expired.

If you notice that any active codes listed below have sầu expired, please let us know in the comments.

Codes are usually issued by the developers of Honkai Impact 3 when big updates are released or for holidays, celebrations, & promotions.

We are adding all new active sầu codes lớn this list as soon as we find any or are notified of new ones.

Therefore, we recommkết thúc you come bachồng to this post every once in a while lớn kiểm tra for new codes.

We always appreciate it when readers share new active codes they find with us or if they let us know that an active sầu code has expired.

Active sầu Codes

The following codes have sầu been confirmed as being active sầu as of the 12th of August 2021.

EUUYGC4WRF (200 Crystals)XAPAGQSMKHJ7 (60 Crystals, 500 Asterite)

Expired Codes

All the following codes have sầu previously worked but have now expired.

YUYG8EUTPF (60 Crystals) (Global)WVYYGABPMX (60 Crystals) (Global)ELYW9AATRX (60 Crystals) (Global)EVUGGACW5P (60 Crystals) (Global)GQWQ8AUKRP (1đôi mươi Crystals) (SEA)EQW88EBKPF (60 Crystals) (SEA)EYWQ8ESS57 (60 Crystals) (SEA)YQW89AASP7 (50 Crystals) (SEA)YRS69AUKKX (50 Crystals) (SEA)YRSQ8ESSMX (60 Crystals) (SEA)EVYYHACPMF (60 Crystals) (Global)EUUG9AUNP7 (60 Crystals) (Global)EUYWGEUT7P (Herrscher of the Void Trial Card 3-day, Starless Rift Outfit, 9,999 Mithril) (Global)YLUGHAAWKX (Battlesuit Trial Card 3-day, Starless Rift Outfit, 9,999 Mithril) (Global)GLYW8EUXMP (50 Crystals) (Global)WLYW9ASN7F (50 Crystals) (Global)YUYW8AUW5X (1trăng tròn Crystals) (Global)GLYGHASP7P (60 Crystals) (Global)YLYEGC5N97 (60 Crystals) (Global)GUUE8C5T5F (60 Crystals) (Global)WLUGHCMSMF (140 Crystals) (Global)GMUWGCKTM7 (80 Crystals) (Global)GUYY8C5S5P (120 Crystals) (Global)WUUEHCKWMX (60 Crystals) (Global)GVYEGG5NPX (60 Crystals) (Global)ICHLIEBEIDCH (SSS Trial Card Option, Starless Rift Outfit, 9,999 Mithril) (Global)

How to redeem exchange codes in Honkai Impact 3

To redeem exchange codes in Honkai Impact 3, go to the lobby screen.

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Click your màn chơi, player name, or EXPhường bar in the top left corner, which will take you khổng lồ your player page.

Select the ‘Account’ tab in the right-side thực đơn on the player page.

Under ‘Exchange Rewards’, type in an active exchange code và cliông chồng ‘Get’.

A pop up will now appear showing the rewards of the code. Cliông chồng ‘Get’ again.

You will then instantly receive sầu the rewards of the code.

Check out the previous paragraph of this guide for active Honkai Impact 3 codes.

What are exchange codes

Exchange codes are special codes issued by the developers of Honkai Impact 3 for players khổng lồ redeem in their game.

When you redeem codes, you receive sầu the rewards of the code.

Usually, exchange codes are issued when new major updates are released, holidays come around, special promotions start, or other celebrations.

After a while, codes expire, so be sure khổng lồ redeem them before it’s too late.

As codes can be announced on many different platforms, including the game’s own social media, it can be difficult to lớn find them all in time.

To make it easy for you, we’ve created this codes danh sách that gives you all active Honkai Impact 3 codes in one place.

Players of the game can take advantage of these codes lớn progress faster, so kiểm tra bachồng from time to time to lớn see if new codes have sầu been released.

How lớn get more codes

There is only one way to lớn get more codes in the game, & that is khổng lồ wait for the developers khổng lồ issue new ones.

As codes can be announced both on social media, in advertising, directly through nội dung creators, or through other means, we’ve sầu made this danh sách khổng lồ make it easier for you to find codes.

We will add any new active sầu promo code we find lớn this danh sách, so you can keep up with new codes by simply checking out this post once in a while.

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That’s all the codes we have for Honkai Impact 3!

If you wish to improve sầu our code danh mục for Honkai Impact 3, please let us know in the bình luận section if you find any new active sầu codes or if you notice any active codes expiring.