Honda could be well on its way to lớn making more mass-market scooters that are friendly to lớn the environment. They recently launched the new PCX e:HEV hybrid scooter. But here’s the catch: it is only (at the moment) available for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM). Units are only built upon order, so there won"t be any in showrooms.

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Like four-wheeled hybrids, this new hybrid scooter uses its silent electric motor khổng lồ turn on. It can run from a dead stop khổng lồ moderate speeds on pure electric power. The same mechanism helps give the scooter a boost in acceleration during the first 4 seconds after the throttle is opened. After the initial 4 seconds of boost, the gas-fed engine will take over 100% of the duties.

The third function of the electric motor, besides starting và giving it a little boost, is khổng lồ charge up its lithium-ion battery during deceleration và when the scooter reaches its cruising speed. It"s a complete cycle as the silent motor takes its nguồn from the scooter’s lithium-ion battery pack.

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This giải pháp công nghệ is hoped khổng lồ reduce greenhouse gasses emitted by the engine. The emissions are highest during acceleration from a complete stop. This will also help reduce fuel consumption during acceleration since the engine gets a bit of a “push” from another source of power.

Honda claims that the new electric starter motor is capable of producing up khổng lồ 1.9Ps of power & 4.3Nm torque, improving the torque output by 33%.

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The Honda PCX e:HEV is also packed with all the features found in the regular gasoline PCX, such as all-LED lighting, ABS, a fully-digital panel screen, USB type-C charging port, và ride modes. Yes, a 125cc scooter equipped with riding modes.

, <../../image.php?src=/images/posts/post12915_2.jpg&w=720, medium>, <../../image.php?src=/images/posts/post12915_2.jpg&w=860, large>" />Ride mode “D” means optimized electric motor assistance, while “S” mode means more aggressive torque output.

For now, this model is JDM-only. In Japan, it retails for JPY448,800 (PHP209,000 taxes & duties not included). The new PCX e:HEV 125 is very unlikely khổng lồ land on our shores. But, who knows? Maybe in the near future perhaps.

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