Gamek hướng dẫn tải & chơi offline heroes of the storm


A modified Try Mode map for Heroes of the Storm to lớn create a better experience with enhanced functionalities.Bạn đã xem: Does heroes of the storm have single

View on Heroes of the Storm - Try Mode 2.0

A modified Try Mode bản đồ for Heroes of the Storm khổng lồ create a better experience with enhanced functionalities.

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What is this?

Heroes of the Storm have a build in Try Mode that can be launched with any heroes and with any (available) skins from the Collection tab. The try mode includes basic cheats such as setting level, toggling a slow cooldown và reset talents.

However, it lacks lots of features such as changing Heroes, spawning any units, adding extra AI players, interacting with the game data and a fast cooldown reset.

This project aims lớn provide extra functionalities which were built on đứng top of the original try mode with extra tools for customisation.

Stuff you can do:

Simple stuff:

Actually "Toggle Cooldown" without a 0.5s stupid delay

Gain 1000 or more quest stacks every seconds

Modify your current HP, Mana, Speed, Height, Size

Spawn any units in the game (provided it was loaded)

Control any units, including non-Heroes and Target Dummy

Instantly Kill/Respawn / mix respawn timer & location

and more...

Advanced Stuff:

Data mine & show hidden/unavailable skins/mounts/voice lines/emojis/abilities/art, etc

Creating your own abilities (to a degree with a help of SC2 Editor)

Creating your own Arts (such as models/music) & add/replace the in-game"s one

Testing Interactions between Heroes/Abilities/Behaviours/Effects etc

and more...

How to install the map:

Please see

How to use the chat commands:

Please see

How lớn modify this map:

Please see

How to use the command line tools:

Please see

How to include the functionalities in this bản đồ to your own custom bản đồ or mod:

Please see

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How does it work?

Heroes of the Storm built on đứng đầu of the StarCraft II engine. Therefore, some features (loading custom maps and mods) were inherited from it.

Try Mode 2.0 aims to adding extra functionalities khổng lồ the original Try Mode and provide various tooling for customisation. It will also generate .stormmap bản đồ files which added the extra functionalities to various maps that can be loaded into the game.

Currently, there are two ways khổng lồ load a custom map:

Replacing in-game single player maps (Tutorial maps, Try Mode):The in trò chơi single player maps was loaded from CASC (Blizzard"s game file storage) storage: mods/heroes.stormmod/base.stormmaps/maps/heroes/singleplayermaps/(10)trymemode.stormmap. However due lớn how StarCraft II"s engine works, the trò chơi will attempt lớn priorities loading from Heroes of the Storm Installation/maps folder before CASC, therefore, this modified maps can be "side-loaded" into the trò chơi without modifying the CASC storage (which is against the EULA).Run a .stormmap tệp tin directly:

Note that both methods allow loading the maps which are either a file, folder, or a symbolic links of both, as long as the name is ending in .stormmap.

Can I get banned from using it?

The Try Mode 2.0 (including the in-game official"s one and tutorial maps) runs on your computer locally (offline) without connecting to lớn Blizzard"s server, therefore it is not possible lớn e.g. Level up your account, gaining gold and loot boxes, altering Match History or carrying the altered files to lớn other online maps/modes, including Custom Games.

Strictly speaking, Blizzard can ban users from doing so. However, there is not a single instance of that event occurs despite multiple side-loaded was shown in the official Forums & Subreddit, which Blizzard even replied (unrelated khổng lồ banning or ToS). The loaded map is also offline và not able to lớn interact with other online maps/modes.

Will Blizzard ban players who loading a offline-only custom map which does not interfere with online trò chơi modes? Extremely unlikely.

Disclaimer: I bởi vì not hold any responsibility if your trương mục was banned by doing so.

Can I play the bản đồ with my friends?

As stated above, Try Mode 2.0, or all other custom maps are offline only, similar lớn the official Try Mode / Tutorial. Hence it is currently not possible to lớn play with your friends.

Not to be confused with the official "Custom Games" game mode, it is still connected to lớn Blizzard"s server, able khổng lồ play with friends and will appear on your match history.


Create a Tool to lớn generate a custom camera Object Tools lớn patch the actual Try mode with live game data automatically Actually modify the map / Create a new maps in SC2 Editor (Working in Progress)

Internal Debug Menus

Debug Menu

Internally, there is a hidden debug menu. By forcing enable debug mode (libCore_gv_dEBUGDebuggingEnabled), you can now use it as well by pressing the hotkey /.

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It have various functionalities such as switch heroes, level, etc, which can save lots of time when get used lớn it. Here is a quick look:


QA Cheat Menu

Note: In a recent commit, I have sync the / key with QA Cheat menu và Debug menu, which means the / key will mở cửa both debug and QA menu together. I am considering should I "desync" them.

Here is a quick look of the QA cheat menu:


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