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On the streets và down in the Shenzhen subway, in-ear giả Beats headphones are sold for as little as $1.


Global dem& for Beats by Dr Dre headphones is on the rise, và Chinese pirates are quiông chồng to supply cheap rip-offs.

In mega-malls in the Shenzhen"s Huaqiangbei commercial district -- China"s most famous place for electronics & hi-tech knock-offs -- Beats by Dr Dre has become one of the most popular items.

In an attempt lớn trick customs officials, counterfeiters skết thúc giả Beats in two boxes; the outer box, on the right, has a made-up name khổng lồ hide the real goods.

Rapper Dr. Dre performs onstage at the 2012 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. His Beats line have sầu helped make him one of the world"s richest entertainers.

For bigger quantities of kém chất lượng headphones you negotiate wholesale prices with the factories" sales executives. Occasionally, they even offer factory visits.
Many stores in Shenzhen offer kém chất lượng Beat by Dr Dre products, as demand from consumers & international businesspeople is on the rise.
Popularity of high-priced headphones has led lớn a rise in fakes coming out of China goes behind the scenes of sales of counterfeit Beats by Dr. Dre in Shenzhen

Wholesalers sell knock-offs at $70 khổng lồ global buyers who can resale as high as $400

Seller: "Buy cheap from me, you sell expensive in your trang chủ country, we all make a lot"

Three weeks ago, hip-hop star Andre Young – better known as Dr. Dre – made news as his Beats Electronics line, a maker of premium headphones, was valued at more than $1 billion thanks to an investment from the Carlyle Group.

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But the former N.W.A. rapper is not the only one profiting from his tai nghe line. Across the Pearl River Delta in southern Trung Quốc, counterfeit Beats are flowing out of factories, assembly workshops và shops, attracting businesspeople that sell the headphones on global markets.

A reporter approached wholesale companies about buying in bulk in order lớn learn how the underground sale of knock-off headphones works. “Business is very good,” said a woman, who, with her family, runs a wholesale company selling copied headphones in one of Shenzhen’s many mega-malls. “You buy cheap from me, you sell expensive in your home page country, we all make a lot of money,” she added.

To prove sầu her point, she shows an Excel spread sheet on her máy vi tính listing customers from all over the world: Italy, Denmark, United States, Canadomain authority, Dubai, Russia và more. She said she recently sold a large amount of counterfeit Beats by Dr. Dre for $50,000 khổng lồ a British businessman who sent them to the UK by jet – which is considerably more expensive sầu than container ship – and sold them as originals.

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While top-line Beats headphones retail for $400, the Shenzhen operators interviewed sell knock-off versions wholesale for $70. “A lot of people are making a lot of money on Beats right now,” she said.

Factory owners here have sầu a nose for what’s hot và what’s not. Nearly 70% of all fake goods – including DVDs, clothing, and electronics goods – seized worldwide from 2008-2010 came from Đài Loan Trung Quốc, according to the World Customs Organization.

You buy cheap from me, you sell expensive in your home page country, we all make a lot of money

Fake Beats wholesaler in Trung Quốc

And looking at the shops in Shenzhen’s Huaqiangbei commercial district – a destination for buying electronics, especially fakes – Beats by Dr. Dre are definitely hot, prominently displayed next lớn iPhones, Samsung gear và Nikon cameras. To look at them, some are clearly fakes with poor packaging và logo color schemes that are wildly different from those well-known products.

Rise of high-priced headphones

Behind the shops and inside small rooms around the district, workers in their early 20s can be seen busily assembling counterfeit goods, such as smartphones và iPads. The long corridors are filled with cigarette smoke that drifts out from the tiny workshops as deliverymen rush by with their arms full of electronic components. Everywhere you hear the sound of packing tape being wrapped around cardboard boxes.

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The counterfeit boom is fed, these days, by the rise of high-over headphones that Dr. Dre’s audio products helped kickstart with the launch of Beats in 2008, analysts say. Just a few years ago, few people would be ready lớn pay several hundred dollars for a pair of headphones. Now, with celebrities lượt thích Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and P.. Diddy putting their names lớn signature pairs, Beats is the hotthử nghiệm brvà for stylish music lovers.

“Today, the premium tai nghe market is defined by fashion và brands as much as it is by sound quality,” Ben Arnold, director of industry analysis at market retìm kiếm firm NPD Group said in a recent report. “One third of premium headphone buyers are under the age of 25 & many of these consumers view headphones as equal parts listening device and fashion accessory.”

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