Over the course of its six-season run, The CW’s The Flash has introduced viewers to lớn dozens of memorable characters. However, there’s one face that seems to lớn keep appearing over, và over, và over, and over again.

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Since we first met Dr. Harrison Wells all the way back in the show’s pilot, viewers of The Flash have been introduced to fifteen different incarnations of the same character, thanks lớn time travel, face stealing, & interdimensional mayhem. While all of them are tall, dark, và handsome, each individual Wells brought his own chất lượng quirks và qualities lớn the table, resulting in some being much better characters than others.

After all, not all Wellses are created equal. So, in celebration of the majesty that is Harrison Wells, I’ve decided to take a crack at ranking every incarnation of the character that we’ve seen on The Flash. Although everyone has their favorites, only one Wells can prevail, & it’s going khổng lồ be a tight race. So, without further ado, here are all 15 Harrison Wellses, ranked.

15. Mime/French Harrison Wells (Earth Unknown)


Only a step up from the unnamed French Wells, “Hells Wells” is a cowboy from an unnamed Earth whose only discernible character trait is that he apparently has a weak stomach. He makes a single brief appearance when Team Flash is attempting to lớn recruit another wells, and though he was able lớn crack the riddle, he doesn’t seem like the kind of person you’d want khổng lồ keep around for too long. According lớn him, he’s called “Hells Wells” because of his past, but he doesn’t want to lớn get into that, so neither will I.

13. Wells the Grey (Earth-13)


The lowest-ranking thành viên of the infamous Council of Wells, Wells 2.0 is a part-man part-machine hybrid who lives in a post-apocalyptic future where creatures known as “reapers” stalk the Earth and raid gasoline stockpiles. Although his background is pretty hardcore và his outfit is dope, I don’t want khổng lồ rank someone who openly admitted lớn cannibalizing his Earth’s Cisco too high on this list, so here he sits at number 12.

11. Harrison “Sonny” Wells (Earth-24)


This entry may admittedly be due to some personal biases towards men in steampunk outfits with British accents, but Steampunk Harrison Wells from Earth-17 takes the number 10 spot. I honestly don’t know what threw Team Flash off about him, given that he seemed lượt thích a friendly & intelligent guy (maybe it was the Edwardian vocabulary?), but nonetheless, he made a very short but sweet appearance after solving the multiverse riddle intended to lớn recruit Wellses.

I would’ve liked khổng lồ have seen much more of this Steampunk Wells, but even Cisco called him a nerd, so at number ten he goes.

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9. Harrison “H.P.” Wells (Earth-25)


I have some pretty conflicted feelings about H. Lothario Wells, who is portrayed as a Hugh Hefner-type billionaire/playboy/mogul/publishing tycoon. On the one hand, he was not only intelligent enough lớn be a member of the Council of Wells, but also apparently emotionally intelligent enough khổng lồ also participate in the “Emotionally Astute Council of Wells.” On the other hand, though, he seems to lớn be something of a sleazy womanizer, và something about the combination of his accent và his weird facial hair gives me the creeps.

Nonetheless, he’s an entertaining character and has appeared in multiple episodes, which earns him a spot in the đứng đầu eight.

7. Harrison Wolfgang Wells (Earth-12)


Sherloque was the main Wells for season five, và on the whole, he is my least favorite of the season-long Wellses. A French detective hailing from Earth-221 and getting much of his personality from Sherlock Holmes, Sherloque was particularly unhelpful và at times even cruel to members of Team Flash during the early episodes of his introduction, và unlike some other Wellses on this list, he never really made up for it.

True, his detective skills did come in handy on more than one occasion, but he seemed to be helping the team to advance his own self interests as opposed to lớn out of the goodness of his heart. Although many incarnations of Harrison Wells are smug & self-assured, Sherloque was a pretty irredeemable jerk, but not in a significant or interesting enough way for him to be a true villain.

He also spilled the beans on Nora’s secret lớn Team Flash, which was a pretty terrible move. Overall, although he did (infrequently) have his moments, Sherloque was my least favorite of the major Wellses, and thus ranks sixth.

5. Original Harrison Wells (Earth-1)

Ah, Harry Wells. Where do I begin with my love of this character? When he was first introduced, Harry was something of a wildcard lớn both Team Flash & the audience. After all, he had the same face (and similar temperament) of the man who betrayed them and murdered Barry’s mom, but over the course of multiple seasons, Harry proved time và again that he was so much more than just a doppelgänger.

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With his genius-level intellect, razor sharp wit, & a secret heart of gold underneath his scruffy exterior, Harry wormed his way into my heart time và again with his sarcastic bickering with Cisco & his loving relationship with Jesse. Harry had some pretty major shoes lớn fill after the departure of Eobard Thawne, but he ended up becoming one of the best characters on the entire show. Although it was sad lớn see him struggle near the kết thúc of his run on The Flash after slowly having his intelligence taken away, there’s pretty much nothing anybody can vì to convince me that Earth-2 Harrison Wells is not the best incarnation of the character lớn ever appear on the show.

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