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Hey ladies! We have tips on how to lớn store your maxi dresses. Our talented designer, Shari Krandel, walks us through how to lớn efficiently hang her maxi dresses with pant hangers khổng lồ avoid wrinkling or touching the dresses khổng lồ the floor. With our professional custom designers from the San Francisco cất cánh Area, we can help you create your dream closet space. Our experienced designers aim to lớn curate a space that fits your floor plan, lifestyle, budget, và your storage needs. Valet Custom Cabinets provides services for your bedroom closet, living room space, office, & garage. To lớn get you started, contact us today to lớn get a miễn phí consultation!

Transcript:Hi, I"m Shari Feldman Krandel, và I"m a senior designer at valet custom cabinets và closets. And I want to show you what if my hacks for long hang items, um, in my closet, you can see I"ve got this bulkhead. There is a truss running up here and, um, it limited my space that I"d have for long hang. I needed to maximize as much double hang as possible because I love my clothes. Um, and so these, I decided to bởi all knee length so I could have two more shelves above them và in so doing, I don"t have room for my Maxis anymore. So what I do instead is this thủ thuật where I hang my maxi on a hanger, và then I drape it over some sort of a pant hanger next khổng lồ it. Và so you can see how it hangs lượt thích that without dragging on the ground. Now, this one is just really long. Now this one, um, is a halter type. And so it doesn"t hang nicely, um, on a hanger lượt thích this one does. So this one, I just fold over the hanger & you can see it just misses the bottom. I"ve plenty of more room here, though. I could fold it over, but this is just a Jersey material. This is just a polyester material. It"s not going khổng lồ wrinkle. & then I get more bang for my buck with my hanging space is what it boils down to. It"s all about maximizing space and I love a puzzle & this is the best way lớn solve this puzzle. So my favorite mod is, uh, just a pant hanger folded over, or even using two hangers, um, to, um, take care of the garment. & it"s safely stored và ready for you when you want khổng lồ wear it and look fabulous.

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Valet Custom Cabinets và Closets designs, manufactures và installs custom organizational solutions that enhance the functionality of your living space while complementing the décor of your home.

Our talented kiến thiết team creates chất lượng solutions tailored khổng lồ your specific needs, style, and budget. We are independently owned and a direct manufacturer.

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Our areas of specialty include trang chủ Offices, Wall Beds, media Centers, Closets, Pantries, Garage Cabinetry, & much more.

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Exceptional kiến thiết * 5-Star Execution & Service * Expert Craftsmanship

Shari Krandel

Shari has over 10 years’ experience in cabinetry & closet kiến thiết since joining our Valet team in 2010. She has the distinction of winning two national cabinetry awards during that time. In addition, Shari came to us with 18 years’ experiencein the fields of Interior Design, Space Planning và Architecture. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from UC Berkeley. She is a naturally organized person and loves a good puzzle, putting all the thiết kế pieces together. Shari enjoys hiking, skiing, và spending time with her family. Her customers love her enthusiasm & personal approach as she translates their needs into a beautiful and functional design.