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Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne is the final expansion paông xã for the 2002 real-time strategy game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. It includes new heroes, campaigns, & auxiliary races. It also adds naval battles that were missing from Warcraft III và redesigned weapons & armor. Its narrative sầu events help phối the stage for Blizzard Entertainment"s massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft. Here are some cheats & walkthroughs for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne that will make your time in Azeroth a little easier.

The cheats and walkthroughs in this guide are specifically for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne on PC.

How lớn Enter Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Cheat Codes

You can enter cheat codes for The Frozen Throne at any time during gameplay. Press the Enter key to lớn display the console, then type one of the below codes. Press Enter to activate the cheat. You"ll know it worked if you see the message, "Cheat Enabled!"



For cheat codes that say <number>, <hour>, <race>, or <level>,enter a numerical value after the cheat. For example, to lớn get 1,000 gold, enter keysersoze 1000.

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Cheat Codes

Take advantage of these cheat codes as you move through the game.

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Cheat EffectCheat Code
Invincibility & One-Hit Killswhosyourdaddy
Infinite Manathereisnospoon
Continue Playing After Death in Campaign Modestrengthandhonor
View Full Mapiseedeadpeople
Instant Victoryallyourbasearebelongtous
Instant Defeatsomebodysetusupthebomb
Level 10 Allied Unitsihavethepower
Reduced Spell Cool Downthedudeabides
Disable Victory Conditionsitvexesme
Add Gold (default amount is 500)keysersoze <number>
Add Lumber (default amount is 500)leafittome <number>
Add Gold & Lumber (mặc định is 500 of each)greedisgood <number>
Fast Construction Ratewarpten
Fast Deathiocainepowder
Units Do Not Need Farmspointbreak
Fast Retìm kiếm Ratewhoisjohngalt
Research Upgradesharpandshiny
Turn Off Tech Treesynergy
Set Time to Morningriseandshine
Set Time to lớn Eveninglightsout
Set Time of Daydaylightsavings <hour>
Toggle Between Day & Nightdaylightsavings
Trees Disappearabrakadabra
Select Levelmotherland <race> <level>
Increase Heroes" Levels khổng lồ Equal Highest Enemy Hero Levelsamelevel
Increase Night Elves" Build Speedonehundredplus
Unloông xã the Song "Power of the Horde" Played at the End of the Single Player Gametenthleveltaurenchieftain
Automatically Re-Enter the Last Cheat Code=

How to lớn Unlock the Secret Tower Defense Level

Developer Blizzard Entertainment hid secret levels in its older titles, & The Frozen Throne carries on that tradition. There"s a secret tower defense cấp độ within the game called The Crossing. To gain access lớn it during The Dungeons of Dalaran, the Alliance campaign"s third chapter:

Find a room with three sheep in it. In front of the sheep are three glowing floor panels. When a unit touches a panel, the sheep will say one of three words: Baa, Ram, and Ewe.

A door will open nearby. Enter it và activate the circle of flying fiery sheep khổng lồ unloông chồng The Crossing màn chơi.

How to Get the Hidden Tomes of the Ancients

Gain two Tomes of Intelligence, one Tome of Strength, & two Mana Runes during the Night Elf chiến dịch. To vì chưng that, kill all Makruras located in the top left corner of the maps, then use Maiev"s Blink ability to reach the top of the wall in the farthest north section of the base. You will see the message, "Secret Area Tomes of Ancients Discovered." Piông xã up the tomes và mana runes.

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How khổng lồ Get a Hidden Mana Rune và Tome of Strength

Find a hidden islvà with some goodies during the Night Elf campaign"s Chapter 1: Rise of the Naga. The island is across the water from some burning boats along the coast và it can be reached using Maiev"s Blink ability. Once you reach it, defeat the naga there khổng lồ clayên your rewards.

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