3g/4g on sim 2 hack?

Here is a short blog post that explains how you can make your own Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) cài đặt for sniffing the traffic between a SIM card và the backkết thúc VPS. This is NOT a new research but I hope this will help anyone who doesn’t have sầu a telteo background to lớn get started lớn play with thiết bị di động data sniffing and nhái base stations. This is applicable to lớn many scenartiện ích ios today as we have so many IoT devices with SIM cards in it that connects lớn the backkết thúc.

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In this particular case, I am explaining the simplest scenario where the SIM card is working with 2G và GPRS. You can probably expect me with more articles with 3G, 4G MitM in future. But lets stichồng to 2G và GPRS for now.

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MotivationIn many IoT devices these days, we have a scenario that the device is connected khổng lồ its backkết thúc with a SIM card. The IoT device could be anything starting from simple things lượt thích a coffee machine, a smart watch, smart glasses to lớn bigger stuff like cars or critical medical equipment. If you want khổng lồ sniff the traffic between your IoT device and the backend VPS, a thiết lập lượt thích this will be very handy khổng lồ you.

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ObjectivePersize Man-in-the-Middle for the di động data traffic. In order to persize that, we make a simple fake base station using USRP.. hardware.

RequirementsI am mentioning the devices that I used for making this thiết lập.There are many other possibilities of doing the same. So I don’t have sầu any claims that this is the best possible way to vị it!


 A smart phone/or an old GSM phone. In case of an IoT pentest scenario, we have sầu the IoT device here instead.A SIM cardA laptop


OpenBTSSipauthServSmqueue (Optional – if you want khổng lồ play with some SMS messaging)Asterisk (Optional – if you want to lớn play with making calls)OS – Ubuntu 16.04

Human ability

Googling, reading, writing & a lot of patience khổng lồ start, stop, play kicker, restart, stop, pause, drink coffee, start, stop ….. in loop.
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