119 Mod For Gta


The best way to lớn cheat in GTA2 is by using the game’s built in debug menu. Import this registry key và then run GTA2 Manager. You should now have a debug tab with many checkboxes on it. The ones you might want are “Get All Weapons”, “Player Invulnerable”, “Keep Weapons After Death” and the best one “Do Debug Keys”. When you have sầu debug keys enabled, you can push C lớn display coordinates, 4 lớn increase wanted màn chơi, 5 to lớn clear wanted cấp độ và 1, 2, 3 to lớn change gang respect. Many of the debug keys use the numeric keypad, “. Del” lớn restore health, “0 Ins” to lớn teleport, “/” lớn switch camera to a dummy vehicle, “-” to lớn toggle fast forward, “+” khổng lồ pause frame by frame, “7” to zoom out, “9” khổng lồ zoom in, “2” to lớn unloông xã camera & “5” to lớn loông chồng camera on player.

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There are also name cheats. All of these cheats work on the miễn phí Rockstar classics version.

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Before you start the game, you can enter a name for your character. The default name is “PLAYER 0”, select it và push enter to lớn rename. Change it to “GOURANGA”, you should hear a chime and then change the name khổng lồ any of the cheats that you want khổng lồ enable. You can change it baông xã to lớn the name you want và start the game.

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GOREFEST – Enable blood splatsMADEMAN – Max respect for all gangs at startEATSOUPhường – Free Shopping (free vehicle weapons and resprays)CUTIE1 – Gives the player 99 livesARSESTAR – Keep weapons after deathDANISGOD – Gives the player $200,000MUCHCASH – Gives the player $500,000 (no chime sound, works without GOURANGA)IAMDAVEJ – Gives the player $9,999,999SEGARULZ – Gives the player a multiplier of 10COCKTART – Skip exploding scoresDAVEMOON – Basic set of weapons + max ammoGODOFGTA – All weapons + max ammoVOLTFEST – Electro Gun with infinite ammoFLAMEON – Flame Thrower with infinite ammoSCHURULZ – Infinite ‘double damage’ powerupRSJABBER – Infinite ‘invulnerability’ powerupHUNSRUS– Infinite ‘invisibility’ powerupBUCKFAST – All dummy chars are muggersNEKKID – All dummy chars are nakedLASVEGAS – All dummy chars are ElvisFISHFLAP.. – All cars are ‘mini cars’UKGAMER– Unlocks all main & bonus levelsTUMYFROG – Unlocks all main và bonus levels

GAOLLOT, HHUBEMAN, BARFXSEK, BSEKHACK – Infinite ‘get out of jail free’ cardsNMAPNOW, VIKEFRAT – Unlocks level two


These don’t work và have no chime sound. They are posted on many sites:JAILBAIT – Infinite ‘get out of jail free’ cardsGINGERR – Unlocks màn chơi two

Most of these cheat codes were copied from gouranga.com & the rest were brute forced by vike.