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Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings has seen multiple re-releases, HD remasters, & expansion packs since it debuted on Windows & Mac in 1999. All of the original Age of Empires 2 cheat codes work in every version of the game, but some cheats in Age of Empires 2 HD & the Japanese edition have different effects.

These cheats apply khổng lồ all versions of Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings on Windows, Mac, & PlayStation 2. There are separate cheat codes for Age of Empires III và Age of Mythology on PC.

Age of Empires 2 & AOE 2 HD Cheat Codes

At any time while playing, press Enter khổng lồ bring up the chat window and enter the following codes to lớn activate the corresponding cheats:

These cheats don't work in multiplayer modes. In the HD version, enabling cheats disables achievements.

EffectCheat Code
Get 1,000 gold (10,000 in AOE 2 HD)robin hood
Get 1,000 wood (10,000 in AOE 2 HD)lumberjack
Get 1,000 stone (10,000 in AOE 2 HD)rock on
Get 1,000 food (10,000 in AOE 2 HD)cheese steak jimmy's
Get 100,000 of every resource (requires The Forgotten expansion pack)ninjaconnor
Instant victoryi r winner
Instant lossresign
Fast buildingaegis
See full mapmarco
Kill a specific opponent (check their slot number)torpedo number
Kill all opponentsblack death
No shadowspolo
Control animalsnatural wonders
Summon VDML unit in your town centeri love the monkey head
Summon Cobra Carhow bởi vì you turn this on
Summon Saboteurto smithereens
Commit suicidewimpywimpywimpy
Mute taunts!mute
Unmute taunts!nomute
Summon Flying Dogwoof woof
Summon Little Monkeyfurious the monkey boy


Age of Empires 2 Japanese Edition Cheat Codes

When you play an imported version of the game, some cheat codes are different.

EffectCheat Code
Get 1000 goldcoinage
Get 1000 woodwoodstock
Get 1000 stonequarry
Get 1000 foodpepperoni pizza
Instant buildingsteroids
Full mapreveal map
Control animalsgaia

Age of Empires 2 Keyboard Shortcut Cheats

On the PC and Mac versions, the following keyboard shortcuts can be used at any time:

Age of Empires 2 Command Line Cheats

Launch the trò chơi with the following command line parameters for various effects:

EffectCommand Line Parameter
800 x 600 screen resolution (Standard edition only)800
1024 x 768 screen resolution (Standard edition only)1024
1280 x 1024 screen resolution (Standard edition only)1280
Auto save gameAutoMPsave
Standard mouse pointerNormalMouse
Fixes display issues on some PCsMfill
Fixes sound issues on some PCsMsync
Disable terrain soundsNoTerrainSound
Disable musicNoMusic
Disable all sounds except during FMV sequences NoSound
No pre-game FMV sequencesNoStartUp
Faster processing tốc độ (HD Edition only)FASTVALIDATE
Disable mods and skip the intro mov (HD Edition only)NOMODS
Change in-game text to lớn Lucida Blackletter fonts (HD Edition only)OLD_SCHOOL
Disable The Forgotten expansion pack without uninstalling it (HD Edition only)DLC1_HIDDEN
Disable African Kingdoms expansion pack without uninstalling it (HD Edition only)DLC2_HIDDEN
Disable Rise of the Rajas expansion pack without uninstalling it (HD Edition only)DLC3_HIDDEN
Disable The Conquerors expansion pack without uninstalling it (HD Edition only)BASEGAME_HIDDEN
Watch replays in fast motion (HD Edition only)FASTREPLAY

Population: The key lớn a thriving economy is maintaining a large population, so protect your villagers at all costs. You should ideally have 15 to 20 workers and 4 or 5 builders.Mines: Establish a military presence around nearby mines as soon as possible khổng lồ stock up on resources và expand your territory.Trade carts: Instead of building marketplaces near your allies, take advantage of trade carts to earn extra gold from long-distance commerce.Food cost: When purchasing new units, factor the cost of food into the overall price tag. You must make sure you have enough money lớn feed them.

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Defensive Strategies

Defending your territory should be your vị trí cao nhất priority at all times. A good strategy is as follows:

Castle placement: As soon as you acquire enough stones, build castles close to lớn your precious resources & fortify them with archers.Towers và walls: Build towers and stone walls around your castles, and place trebuchets behind the walls for extra security.Reinforce trebuchets: Back up your trebuchets with light cavalry units. Hotline in the cavalry to giảm giá with powerful enemies.Cavalry losses: Don't worry about losing light cavalry as they are inexpensive to lớn replace.
Utilize cavalry: Cavalry units are by far your biggest asset in battle. They can quickly traverse the map, so you can send them in to lớn attack, and then have them retreat.Defend before attacking: Before attacking an enemy's fortifications, put all units in a defensive stance to lớn keep them from wandering too far away lớn pursue enemies.Cavalry placement: Place cavalry units by your trebuchets to lớn protect them from counterattacks.

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Knights and archers: After you get through a wall, send in knights, và back them up with heavy horse archers to lớn take out enemy trebuchets.