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Auto Chess Mobile
June 10, 2021 (4 weeks ago)

Dota Auto Chess – Over the past decade, we have sầu been one of the leaders in the gaming market. Just mention the MOBA genre, this hàng hóa is always sought and most trusted. Although there are juniors later, they also enjoy the popularity of millions of players around the world, but Dota retains its own status. One of the most exciting features of the Dota game is that the player can choose different play styles customized by the publisher into some small, independent game releases. “Dota Auto Chess” is a very famous game amuốn the customized versions of DotA game.

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The players & the community it built before were solid. Drovì chưng Games has taken advantage of the fascinating gameplay of chess to lớn apply khổng lồ the heroes of DotA games. Taking these generals turned them into lớn chess pieces placed in the center of the game và used mods that were released for không lấy phí on steam.


Nice and clean Aulớn Chess for mobile devices

After the “Dota Aukhổng lồ Chess” community grew, its publisher began thinking about earning more by releasing a version that could be played on mobile phones. This is also a positive move sầu to help the gene community expand & reach out khổng lồ new players. Previously, this hàng hóa used the available hero of DotA lớn attract the majority of players from this famous MOBA product. But with the thiết bị di động version, the manufacturer shook hands with Dragonest – a Chinese game publisher. This helps Drobởi vì to develop a heroic force on its own.




This game will work according to lớn the mechanism of a chess game but has been customized the game rules so that it becomes much more attractive sầu. Basically, the game will be a tactical strategy, where players will have sầu lớn build a game plan for themselves. In it, you will be led by a team of 5 people with functions & powers that are almost made lượt thích normal MOBA games. Characters will be able khổng lồ be controlled via touch-screen operations or can automatically attachồng. Prepare a variety of different formations so that you can easily confront tough opponents and find it hard to guess. Make sure your squad has two types of damage: AP.. và AD. Also, look for resilient characters lớn go for insurance flags.


Auto Chess di động chess pieces differ from Dota Auto lớn Chess version on computers, new players need time to recognizeThe function of upgrading equipment and upgrading chess pieces more conveniently.

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Laông xã of too many tutorials for new players, almost as much as Dota Auto lớn Chess players find out all these functions.The preparation time is reduced by 5 seconds, making you less prepared, if it is a new player, it is very difficult.Time for a match for too long for Mobile devices

Main feature

Ranking: Like other MOBA games, Aulớn Chess di động also has a ranking system, you can join after reaching 5 normal battles. Your rank will start as “Pawn”Friend: The current frikết thúc system has not been added so that players can easily find their friends, however, in the near future, this feature will be added. Players can create matches và invite their friends to lớn join.

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Equipment: Just lượt thích in Dota Auto lớn Chess differs only in names & images. This may cause many DotA players to feel uncomfortable và the mechanism is that when the equipment drops out, you just need khổng lồ press your finger on the equipment and then use your finger to lớn drag and drop. khổng lồ remove equipment from the general depot inkhổng lồ the inventory of chess pieces.

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