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GTA San Andreas is a game that has stood the chạy thử of time in more ways than one. Whether it"s brilliant world kiến thiết, storytelling set-pieces or likable characterization, GTA San Andreas continues lớn be loved by fans across the globe. With its sustained popularity, the modding community for the game has been extremely active 17 years after it"s launch. Here are 5 mods for GTA San Andreas that make it worth replaying in 2021.

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5 best GTA San Andreas mods for PC in 2021

5. GTA SA IV Los Santos Re-Textured


GTA San Andreas" visual presentation is arguably the biggest aspect of the game that hasn"t aged too well since its release during the PS2 era. To bring the game up to the visual standards of today"s titles, modders have imported GTA 4"s textures into lớn San Andreas for a crisper and more detailed visual treatment. Players can get the gian lận right here.

4. GTA: United


GTA San Andreas served as one of the final "3 chiều era" entries before the franchise transitioned lớn the "HD" era. As such, the engines of GTA 3 & Vice City have multiple similarities with GTA San Andreas which allowed modders to lớn import both Liberty City & Vice City inkhổng lồ San Andreas. Players can access the gian lận và full instructions here.

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Taking a page out of GTA 5 quite literally, modders have sầu ported the UI elements from Rockstar Games" 2013 title inlớn San Andreas. Complete with the weapon wheels, Mobile interface and modified mini-bản đồ, the revamped HUD makes for a much more refined user experience that can be downloaded from here.

2. First-Person mod


Stepping inkhổng lồ Carl Johnson"s shoes has never been easier, literally. A feature that is commonplace in GTA 5, first person mode was completely lacking in previous GTA titles barring player modifications. Players can now fight, drive and experience missions in the first person thanks khổng lồ this mod which can be found here.

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1. GTA SA - V Graphics


ENB reshades have sầu been a staple of visual upgrades to lớn games for years. GTA SA - V Graphic ENB is the lademo and greachạy thử visual upgrade for the game, courtesy of a couple of modders who painstakingly spent hours tweaking colors & filters to lớn match the visual treatment of GTA 5 in San Andreas. The hack is available to players at this address.

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