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GTA 5 GamePlay

TITLE: Grand Theft tự động IVGENRE: Action, AdventureDEVELOPER: Rockstar North, Rockstar TorontoPUBLISHER: Rockstar GamesRELEASE DATE: April 29, 2008

GTA 4 Gameplay

The game takes place in 2008. For the first time in GTA IV, the player is given the choice in several situations of deciding the fate of other characters. However, this does not significantly affect the action. The most important points are contained in the following description of the course of action.

At the request of his cousin Roman, the Serbian- speaking Eastern European Nikolai “Niko” Bellic comes as an immigrant lớn the fictional city of Liberty City, which is modeled on the real thủ đô new york City . In e-mails & letters, Roman had always explained how far he had come in America & how wealthy và successful he was now. After Niko got into trouble in Europe, he decided lớn emigrate lớn America in the hope of a better life. There Roman wants lớn live the ” American Dream ” with him . In addition, Niko is looking for a man who betrayed him and his friends in the war & is now said khổng lồ be in Liberty City.

When Niko arrives in Liberty City, he quickly discovers that Roman is really not rich và successful. Roman is in debt & runs a small xe taxi company with his girlfriend Mallorie. He lives in Hove Beach, a district mainly inhabited by Eastern European immigrants, in a small apartment that he shares with Niko. The first time after his arrival, Niko does orders for Roman & his creditor “Vlad”, who has connections khổng lồ the Russian mafia. During this time Niko met his first girlfriend Michelle, his loyal sidekick Little Jacob, a Jamaican drug dealer, và the steroid-using fitness enthusiast Brucie Kibbutz. Finally it turns out that Vlad, who is constantly threatening and blackmailing the two cousins, also has a relationship with Mallorie, Roman’s girlfriend.

Vlad’s business partners, two Russian mafia members named Mikhail Faustin & Dimitri Rascalov, are not particularly sad about his death. However, they ask Niko to replace them with some jobs. Since the two bởi not always agree, this leads to Dimitri demanding that Niko kill Faustin. As a reward, Niko is supposed to lớn receive money from Dimitri, but is betrayed by Dimitri when he is handed over lớn an old Russian creditor named Bulgarin. Niko manages khổng lồ escape with the help of his friend Little Jacob, but in the meantime Dimitri lets Roman’s apartment và his xe taxi company burn down, which is why they both have khổng lồ go into hiding in the Bohan district.

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Roman’s friend Mallorie organizes an apartment for both of them in Bohan. Through her, Niko also gets to lớn know the ex-criminal and would-be TV star Manny Escuela and the dealer Elizabeta. He does jobs for both of them, until one day he is surprised by his girlfriend Michelle, who is an undercover agent for the secret service “IAA” (based on the CIA) turns out. Meanwhile, Elizabeta shoots Manny in an argument; liên hệ breaks off as Elizabeta expects khổng lồ be arrested for the failed drug delivery. Through Elizabeta, Niko also got to lớn know the drug dealer Playboy X và then his former friend Dwayne, who is released from prison after a long prison sentence. However, Dwayne and Playboy X no longer trust each other và their former friendship turns more và more into enmity. The argument escalates when both Playboy và Dwayne ask Niko to kill the other. At this point, the player can decide for himself which side he takes.

It was also through Elizabeta that Niko met the three brothers of the Irish McReary family & their sister Kate, with whom Niko soon developed a relationship. With the McRearys he raids, among other things, the bank of Liberty City. In the further course of the plot there is a conflict between Derrick McReary và Francis McReary, a corrupt police officer, so that Niko is again faced with the decision lớn kill one of the two. Michelle, unmasked as an FIB investigator, brings Niko together with “United Liberty Paper”, a cover company of a government-affiliated organization that, in return for the murder of an unwelcome witness, helps Niko in the search for the Serbian traitor.

Through the McReary brothers, Niko gets in cảm biến with the Italian mafia, whose masterminds are Ray Boccino, Phil Bell and Don Jimmy Pegorino. With Ray’s help, Niko finds his former war comrade Florian, who is suspected by Niko as a traitor to his former unit. It turns out that Florian, who now calls himself “Bernie” and has a homosexual affair with the deputy mayor, cannot be the traitor. Florian & Niko become friends again. Now it is clear lớn Niko that only Darko Brevic can be the traitor. The United-Liberty tương tác person puts Niko together with Jon Gravelli, the leader of the most powerful Mafia family in Liberty City. This locates Darko in Romania. After Niko has done some jobs for Gravelli too, is kidnapped from Romania khổng lồ Liberty đô thị with the help of United-Liberty Darko và delivered to lớn Niko. At this point the player can again decide whether khổng lồ kill Darko or let him live.

Then the marriage between Roman & Mallorie is due. Don Pegorino asks Niko khổng lồ work with Dimitri Rascalov again. At this point the player has the option to decide for or against the giảm giá khuyến mãi with Dimitri. If the player decides on the khuyễn mãi giảm giá and does the job, Dimitri reveals Niko again & has Roman murdered at his wedding. In the final mission, Dimitri also cheats on Pegorino and shoots him, so that Niko has khổng lồ kill Dimitri at the foot of the Statue of Happiness after a long chase .

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If the player decides against Pegorino’s wish & immediately kills Dimitri, the hatred of the Italian mafia is drawn on, which is why Pegorino shoots Nikos girlfriend Kate in a drive-by robbery at Roman’s wedding. In the final mission, Niko has lớn kill the remaining Pegorino at the foot of the Statue of Happiness .