Not needing to lớn worry about dropping the anh hùng 5 black into an accompanying waterproof case is a time-saver you don’t really appreciate until you’re constantly moving around or taking impromptu dips in the middle of a hot and sweaty Vietnam day. It’s a far more seamless experience compared lớn when I took the Yi 4K kích hoạt Camera to Bali last year, for example.

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The dual microphones were also great when sat on a speedboat or when cruising through Ho chi Minh thành phố on a moped. Wind noise is far more controlled compared to lớn certain other rival action cameras. When capturing the sound of your environment is just as important as the visuals, it makes a big difference.

A speedboat trip through Can Gio, Vietnam – unedited straight from camera

It’s not all perfect, though. My issues with the touchscreen responsiveness still remain, even though there have been firmware updates since my original review – some of which were supposedly designed khổng lồ address the issue. Sometimes taps at the screen aren’t registered, but more often my problem was with swiping into the screen from the edges. This is something GoPro seems khổng lồ have now improved in the anh hùng 6 Black.

I also had very occasional SD thẻ error messages, which meant that recordings were abruptly stopped – not ideal. I’m not sure what was causing it, either. Powering off the camera và turning it back on again would fix the issue. Fortunately, this only happened twice.

Still, aside from a few niggles, the GoPro nhân vật 5 đen is just really easy to lớn use, especially when you’re travelling. The USB-C charging was also really handy, as I just carried around a portable power bank to take care of charging my điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh and the two nhân vật 5 Blacks I was carrying.

Shot in the GoPro anh hùng 5 Black’s ‘Linear’ mode for less distortion

GoPro’s suite of portable apps is great, too. In the bit of downtime I had, I spent it transferring images and đoạn phim to my phone và then knocking together an edit on Quik to chia sẻ on social media. It made keeping people at home updated really easy (also known as #holidayspam). Updates including the new QuikStories are also great, and it’s pleasing to lớn see GoPro’s continued support with improvements và fixes.

As another aside, if talk of GoPro’s market misfortunes is true, that news hadn’t reached the considerable number of travellers I came across all sporting GoPro’s latest và greatest. Of course that’s just anecdotal evidence, but it was interesting lớn see.

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With the subsequent release of the excellent GoPro nhân vật 6 Black, the hero 5 black has now seen a price reduction to £299, making it a great choice if you don’t want to stretch to lớn the latest flagship. It’s still a fantastic action camera.

My original reviews of the GoPro nhân vật 5 black continues below.

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What is the GoPro anh hùng 5 Black?

The hero 5 đen is the GoPro camera option for those who want the best kích hoạt cam available right out of the box. You can almost think of the hero 5 black as GoPro’s ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation. It takes the best features from previous-generation GoPro cameras & combines them together in a single unit – và adds a smattering of new functions too.

What’s the recipe for the best GoPro camera? Take the same 4K resolution, 30fps video of the anh hùng 4 Black, throw in the touchscreen display that was a feature of the anh hùng 4 Silver (and only an optional extra for the more expensive Black), và mix in the built-in waterproof capabilities and improved audio performance of the original anh hùng Session.

Top this lot off with electronic image stabilisation (finally!), useful voice controls and GPS, và you have one superb kích hoạt camera – & the best one GoPro has ever released.Related: GoPro nhân vật 5 Session review

GoPro anh hùng 5 black – Design and Accessories

Putting aside the outlier anh hùng Session, the hero 5 đen sees the first drastic re-design to lớn GoPro’s main range of cameras, which is both good & bad; mainly good, however.

It retains its familiar rectangular shape, but the nhân vật 5 black is now coated in a grippy, rubberised material. It’s far more rounded at the corners, too.

The dimensions of the camera have changed, which could mean it might not play well with a select few older accessories và mounts. The handheld gimbal I used with the anh hùng 4 Black, for example, can no longer hold the hero 5 đen since the frame obscures the camera’s lens slightly.

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This is because the hero 5 black is a few millimetres bigger in all dimensions than the anh hùng 4 đen when outside of its waterproof case. Most noticeable is its depth, especially when you take into trương mục its protruding lens.

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The reason is understandable, though: there’s now a 2in touchscreen display on the rear. The cảm ứng BacPac was an optional accessory for the hero 4 Black and added to its size.

In addition, the anh hùng 4 đen was waterproof only in the dedicated case, whereas the new camera is waterproof without the need for any additional housing. It’s safe khổng lồ take the hero 5 black to depths of 10m without a worry. If you want to go deeper, then there is a waterproof housing available as an optional extra.

To keep the internals of the camera không tính tiền of water, GoPro has more greatly reinforced the battery, microSD and connection port covers compared to lớn previous models khổng lồ keep them sealed. A little effort is required khổng lồ access the micro-HDMI & new USB Type-C charging port in particular, since you need lớn depress a fiddly release button on the side to mở cửa the catch before sliding it open.

Buy now: GoPro hero 5 Black

And yes, you read that right. Having waited this long for GoPro to lớn finally embrace micro-USB ports in place of mini-USB, the company has now moved onto USB Type-C instead. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good move – especially if you have a newer điện thoại featuring USB Type-C – but it just tickles me that it happened so rapidly after an initial long wait.

Removing the need for the waterproof case in most shooting scenarios is a big deal. Not only is it more convenient, & makes for a smaller camera, but the audio-capture performance is much improved now that the microphones aren’t encased.

Like the nhân vật Session, the hero 5 black features dual microphones, front and back, which the camera can swap between for the best performance – especially in windy situations. If you’re on a bike, for example, the camera can intelligently swap lớn the rear microphone for less wind noise.

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As a bonus, the nhân vật 5 đen weighs about 30g less than the hero 4 black in its case, which will make it slightly less noticeable if you have it attached to a helmet or on your body.

Instead of having lớn use the waterproof case from older cameras for mounting, the nhân vật 5 đen now comes with a plastic frame that wraps around the edge, with the standard GoPro mount on its base.

Since there’s an exposed cut-out on the side of the frame, you can actually remove the USB port cover – just remember khổng lồ reattach it if you intend to use the camera in water. This means you don’t have to lớn remove the camera from the frame lớn charge it, or if you need to lớn power the camera for a long period – for a lengthy time-lapse video, for instance – while keeping it mounted.

A standard adhesive mount is included in the box, but the nhân vật 5 will work with practically all standard GoPro mounts that aren’t based on the specific kích cỡ of the anh hùng 4 black – as was the case with my aforementioned gimbal.

Overall, I love the new kiến thiết of the hero 5 Black. The rubberised exterior makes it great lớn hold and it helps the camera when it comes khổng lồ shock-proofing, too. Where I never really felt comfortable using the hero 4 black without its protective case even when out of water, the nhân vật 5 đen feels solidly constructed.

Having now used the anh hùng 5 đen for a few months, its build quality has largely stood up to the bumps and knocks in use. The front display of my nhận xét camera has picked up a scratch và there are a few marks on the edge of the lens’ housing, otherwise, all things considered, it’s done pretty well.

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Not needing a waterproof case for all but the deepest depths is also a real benefit.