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Trung Quốc tech reporters don’t always play games, but the when they vị, they occasionally prefer Chinese Mobile games.

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High-tốc độ & omnipresent internet connection, cheap handsets, and people’s hunger for entertainment make China the world’s top di động game market. Last year, there were over 825 million monthly active sầu users of thiết bị di động games in Trung Quốc, driving the industry’s market volume to lớn RMB 185 billion, up 15.5% year-on-year (YoY). The market is led by gaming giant Tencent, with an overwhelming share of 51.9%, followed by NetEase with a 15.8% cốt truyện.

If you want khổng lồ take a look at the landscape for thiết bị di động games in China, or maybe even want lớn start playing one of these titles, but don’t know where to start, here at KrASIA we’ve sầu got you covered, with a list of the top điện thoại games preferred by our staff.

1. Love và Producer (恋与制作人)

The dating simulation game Love và Producer lures Chinese young females with lãng mạn storylines và intriguing character settings. Source: screenshot from App Store.

“I love the compelling storytelling. This kind of game is like a movie for me. In this game, you become the protagonist of a story to lớn experience one’s life. For female players, the game provides a sense of companion & thắm thiết imaginations, which are needed to lớn some degree.”

– Yaman, KrASIA’s video clip editor

Love sầu and Producer, or “Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice” in its English version, was published by gaming company Suzhou Diezhi Network Technology in December of 2017. It gained astronomical growth since its release & was a sensation among Chinese young females throughout in 2017 and 2018. The number of daily active sầu users (DAUs) reached 2 million within two months from its launch.

The smash-hit is essentially a dating simulation game, in which gamers play the role of a female television producer, tasked with making a hit show lớn save her father’s truyền thông company. As the game proceeds, players come across four charming male characters & start building romantic relationships.

Yaman is talking with one of her “digital” boyfriends. Source: KrASIA

They are Xu Mo, a 26-year-old genius scientist and university professor with a mysterious superpower (which is called “Evol” in the game, meaning “Evolver”); Bai Qi, 24-year-old special police who always protects the protagonist; Li Zeyan, a 28-year-old demanding boss with time-control Evol, though outside but tender inside; Zhou Qiluo, a 22-year-old perfect & caremiễn phí superstar who is actually a skillful hacker. Most importantly, all these characters fall in love with the game’s player, which could be you.

However, “love” could be costly. Although the game is miễn phí khổng lồ tải về, users might have khổng lồ pump real cash into lớn it for add-ons like “diamonds” và “cards,” which will allow them khổng lồ have sầu more connections with the fancier virtual boyfriend or to keep the studio running successfully.

2. Honor of Kings (王者荣耀)

The 5-versus-5 MOBA game from Tencent is one of the most legendary titles in Trung Quốc. Its DAU reportedly hit 100 million in recent months. Source: screenshot from App Store.

“When playing the game with friends, I feel lượt thích it’s a teamwork. Even if we are not physically together, we could communicate through voice hotline. There’s a wide range of character settings. Details of the game are also really neat và easy to play.”

– Vivian Chang, KrASIA’s analyst

Honor of Kings, also called Arena of Valor in the overseas market, was developed by Tingươi Studquả táo & published by its parent company, Tencent, in năm ngoái. The multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game is essentially a thiết bị di động version of the PC game League of Legends, designed by Riot Games, which was also acquired by Tencent.

With nearly 100 million DAUs, the game is one of the most influential and highest-earning điện thoại games in Đài Loan Trung Quốc. According lớn industry data tracker Sensor Tower, it generated more than USD 151.3 million in gross revenue worldwide in January alone (excluded data from third-tiệc ngọt Android stores). It reportedly raked in RMB 2 billion (USD 281 million) on 2020’s Lunar New Year’s Eve, January 24.

Vivian is playing her favorite nhân vật. Source: KrASIA

The hotkiểm tra title in Đài Loan Trung Quốc is a five-versus-five sầu battle game. Players can choose “heroes” with various techniques in six categories, including Tank, Assassin, Warrior, Support, Archer, và Mage (all these characters are based on Chinese historical figures). Then, team members play different roles and coordinate with each other in order to achieve the final victory, which is destroying rivals’ fortresses. The mechanics in different game modes may vary.

The app is also không tính tiền to download, but users might also need to pay to lớn unbloông xã or characters’ abilities advance faster, or lớn equip their heroes with special editions”skins”—virtual costumes.

3. Penguin Isle (企鹅岛)

Penguin Isle is an idle game with delightful art designs. Source: screenshot from App Store.

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“The overall design and music in the background give me a peaceful experience. It doesn’t take me too much time or effort to play it. The immersive interface lets me sort of escape from daily hustles.”

– Zhao Xiaochun, KrASIA’s office director

Penguin Isle is a casual game published by Shanghai-based Habby Networks Technology in August 2019, a game publisher mostly targeting the overseas market. The firm has also released games such as puzzle game Slidey và arcade action game Arcnhân vật.

The goal of the game is to lớn raise penguins and expand their habitat—which is the “territory” a player controls. More animals và more infrastructure on one’s isl& can, in turn, give sầu more coins, which can be used lớn exchange more resources. In-ứng dụng purchases can facilitate the process.

Unlike some of the intense, highly competitive sầu Mobile games in Trung Quốc, Penguin Isle, with its comforting melody, the calming aesthetic can serve sầu to slow down the pace of life.

4. Anipop (开心消消乐) 

Anipop is a simple match-3 casual game with high user stickiness. Source: screenshot from App Store.

“I downloaded it because all my friends were playing the game. It’s a perfect game lớn kill time—simple with no need lớn think too much. And I found it really helps with bức xúc.” 

– Deng Yunxi, KrASIA’s new truyền thông operation manager

Anipop, or “Kaixin Xiaoxiaole” in Mandarin is the most popular casual game in China. Beijing-based game developer Happy Elements released the match-3 game as browser-based in 2013 và later in 2014 took it onkhổng lồ iOS và Android phầm mềm stores. Per data from App Annie, Anipop topped the worldwide điện thoại game chart in terms of monthly active sầu users (MAUs) in 2018, even surpassing Tencent’s Honor of Kings. The phầm mềm claims to lớn have 800 million users.

The simple mechanism is one of the reasons why it gained popularity, but some factors distinguish it from other apps of its kind. The art design features animal characters with childlượt thích facial expressions, giving the game an overall “cute” appearance.

Besides, Anipop is highly sociable, allowing players lớn log in via WeChat accounts và chia sẻ their scores to lớn WeChat Moments or chats, to lớn show off while winning in-game items. Players will however probably hit a paywall when they fail on a level several times running out of “lives”, or when they might need extra tools.

The game has more than 2000 levels for players lớn complete.

5. Peacekeeper Elite (和平精英) 

A patriotic version of PUBG điện thoại. Source: screenshot from App Store.

“During the lockdown period, playing Peacekeeper Elite with my friends helped me giảm giá with loneliness. It’s a social game. Also, in my opinion, the game is so popular because there are many modes for you to choose—some are more entertaining and some are more competitive sầu. “

Julianmãng cầu Wu, KrASIA’s visual journalist

Peacekeeper Elite, also translated as “Game for Peace,” was developed by Tencent’s Lightspeed&Quantum Studio and launched in May 2019. The battle royale shooter game is, in essence, an alternative sầu of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds sản phẩm điện thoại (PUBG Mobile), but with less violent elements, as the latter was deemed too gory by Chinese regulators.

Some tweaks were made when Tencent shifted the survivor-based game khổng lồ a military exercise game. For example, gamers who get shot don’t bleed. And when characters are dying, they wave goodbye, peacefully.

Despite the first wave of backlashes from existing PUBG gamers complaining that the “game has changed,” Peacekeeper Elite has gained sound performance since its release.

Shortly two months after its debut, Tencent claimed that DAU of Peacekeep Elite exceeded 50 million. In February, per App Annie’s stats, Peacekeeper Elite surpassed Honor of Kings to become the highest-earning among mỏi all di động games in Trung Quốc for the first time. The lakiểm tra Sensor Tower report shows that in April alone, PUBG Mobile, along with Peacekeeper Elite, generated USD 225 million in gross revenue globally, up 241% year-on-year (YoY). The Chinese market alone is responsible for 58.8% of the game’s gross revenue.

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While Trung Quốc sản phẩm điện thoại games aren’t always accessible due to lớn language, registration barriers, and region setting of app stores, users can try these five Trung Quốc Mobile games wherever they are. All these games can be played with international versions or have English settings, so there’s no excuse not to kill time like KrASIA’s resident journalists & ad hoc game reviewers.

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