Thor: God Of Thunder


Fan Cosplays as Invincible at Awesome Con, Meets Omni-Man và Thor

Invincible fans at Washington DC"s pop culture sự kiện, Awesome Con, joined Thor & recreated a famous meme from the popular animated show.

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Thor Ragnarok lightning eyes bridge

Fan Creates Mind-Blowing Thor Cosplay With Tesla Coil Lightning

A mad scientist who happens lớn be a Thor bạn whipped up a cosplay that"s so realistic & thunderous it would cause havoc at Comic-Con.

Steve sầu Rogers in Avengers: Infinity War & Thor in Thor: The Dark World

Marvel Fans Show Off Impressive Female Captain America And Thor make up

As complex as the MCU has become, two Marvel fans reHotline the early days and cosplay as two founding members of the Avengers: Captain America và Thor.


Marvel's Spider-Man: More Superheroes Who Should Get Solo Games

Marvel"s Spider-Man has been a great experience for fans, và more Marvel superheroes should receive their own solo games like Spider-Man.

Shang-Chi Simu Liu Chris Hemsworth Marvel Studios

Simu Liu Has Perfect Reaction To Chris Hemsworth's Shang-Chi Praise

Shang-Chi star Simu Liu had the perfect reaction lớn a message from Thor actor Chris Hemsworth, who welcomed the newcomer to lớn the MCU.

marvels avengers god of war realm of champions

All of Thor's Major Video Game Appearances

There have sầu been many different iterations of Thor in gaming, from Marvel"s Thor khổng lồ the version expected in the next God of War game and beyond.

Thor's Roommate Darryl Could Be Returning To The MCU

After appearing in the hilarious shorts, human roommate Darryl may be making an MCU return just in time for Thor: Love sầu & Thunder.

See Christian Bale's Gorr The God Butcher In New Thor 4 Set Photos

New photos from the set of Marvel Studios" Thor 4 have leaked online và offered a first look at Christian Bale"s Gorr the God Butcher.

Chris Hemsworth Shows He's Just Like Us By Getting KFC At A Drive-Thru

Thor: Love và Thunder"s Chris Hemsworth surprised employees at a local KFC in Murwillumbah, nước Australia when he ordered from the drive-thru.

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Karen Gillan Say Chris Hemsworth Is Funnier In Thor: Love And Thunder

Karen Gillan, who plays Nebula in the MCU, says Chris Hemsworth is more hilarious than ever in Taika Waititi"s Thor: Love sầu và Thunder.

Loki Producer Explains Why Frog Thor's Episode 1 Scene Was Scrapped

One of Loki"s writers & producers explains why Frog Thor"s much more eventful appearance in episode one was eventually scrapped.

Thor: Things Marvel Changed (& Kept) From The Norse Mythology

The famous God of Norse mythology inspired the hero in a multitude of ways but the writers decided khổng lồ leave a few bits of historical lore out.

Thor: Love And Thunder Will Show A New Side Of Karen Gillan's Nebula

Guardians of the Galaxy star Karen Gillan is saying fans can expect some comedy from Nebula in Marvel Studios" Thor: Love sầu and Thunder.

5 Times Thor And Loki Were The Best MCU Sibling Duo

Underneath their constant bickering & fighting, Thor and Loki mô tả a deep bond that makes them the best brother duo in the MCU.

This Lady Thor 3D Is The Perfect Way To Get Hyped For Love sầu & Thunder

This Lady Thor cosplay should get fans hyped while they wait lớn see Natalie Portman take on the role in Marvel"s Thor: Love và Thunder.

Chris Pratt Reveals Why Thor: Love sầu And Thunder Is 'Next Level'

Chris Pratt praises Chris Hemsworth by saying that the actor’s performance in Marvel Studios" Thor: Love and Thunder was next cấp độ.

Thor: Love sầu And Thunder Crew Merch Shows First Look At Lady Thor

Thor: Love và Thunder crew merch dropped và with it comes the reveal of the highly-anticipated costume for Natalie Portman"s Lady Thor.

The Unique Tone of Loki Will Reshape The MCU

Now that Marvel is experimenting more with style and subject matter, this could mean big changes moving forward.

Chris Hemsworth Shares Behind The Scenes Photo With His Thor: Love sầu And Thunder Co-Chris

Chris Hemsworth và Chris Pratt teased Chris Evans on the Captain America star"s birthday with a Thor: Love & Thunder mix photo lớn.

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Tom Hiddleston Reacts To Matt Damon Playing Fake Loki In 'Thor 4'

Tom Hiddleston is excited that Matt Damon is playing nhái Loki once again in Marvel Studios" upcoming film Thor: Love sầu & Thunder.