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In Shadow Fight Arena, you create a dream team of 3 fighters to lớn defeat the opponent’s team. All heroes have quality upgradeable abilities that interact with each other & can be leveled up. Choose the right fighter lớn counteract the enemy’s tactic & win the battle! Control your nhân vật like in classical fighting & get a console-level battle experience on your di động device. Discover the famous Shadow Fight series of games that have been downloaded more than 500 million times.






Helga belongs to the royal family, but has no right to lớn inherit the throne. Lượt thích all Abdicators, she grew up in the Tower, completely isolated from the outside world. There she tried khổng lồ learn khổng lồ control the mysterious energy of the Light. But only when Helga escaped from the Tower, the powers of Light finally gave in to lớn her.

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Your Shield of Light will shine when you receive fatal damage. Your opponent will most likely try to lớn escape; after all, in this ability lies Helga"s true strength! Combine her attacks with the Shining Wings ability lớn prevent her opponent from escaping!

When the Shadow Mind revealed himself, everybody panicked. But not Ling. This old Shadowsmith knew long ago that shadow energy was sentient. Armed with his trusty katana & mysterious flask, master Ling enters the tournament!

Ling doesn"t lượt thích to rush. Patiently avoid and block your opponent"s attacks. But when they xuất hiện themself lớn an attack, crush them with all the might of your katana!

Marcus, the great hero of the past, was the only one who refused khổng lồ participate in the tournament. But the Shadow Mind always gets what he wants, and somehow he forced Marcus to vì chưng it. The hero was famous for his unbending will, but is he still the Marcus we know?

Marcus" giant sword deals a lot of damage, but it"s very heavy. Remember that it will be much harder for your opponent lớn dodge when the Through the Glitch ability is activated! Marcus" attacks become fast và unpredictable. Learn to lớn use them and become an unstoppable force!

He"s already made a mistake once, & he won"t let himself make it again. Feldsher Azuma is a specialist in dealing with shadow disasters. He knows very well how to hold back those possessed by shadow energy, and will not hesitate khổng lồ use his skills in a tournament.

Your attacks neutralize shadow energy! This is a great ability to lớn control an opponent who relies on his shadow energy. & if your opponent enters shadow form, knock him out of it with a successful attack!

Ironclad has nothing left to lose. A wrongly convicted felon, he has no right khổng lồ carry a weapon. But that"s not a problem for a master of hand-to-hand combat. He"s participating in a tournament to justify himself... And maybe break a couple of jaws while he"s at it. This warrior is incredibly stubborn; the more attacks he gets, the stronger his defense becomes. Nothing can stop the Ironclad!

In close combat, this nhân vật has no equal. If you feel your opponent is too far away, use your shadow abilities! They"ll help you khổng lồ close the distance quickly. Also, the Ironclad doesn"t have a ranged attack, but he doesn"t react to his opponent"s!

Calm on the outside, Shang the Monk is a fearsome warrior who worships the Shadow Mind. Every time Shang hits or is being hit, he gets extreme amounts of energy for his shadow abilities. In his quest for absolute power, Shang will stop at nothing!

Unlock the true potential of this anh hùng in his shadow form. Successful combos of Shang"s shadow abilities will allow you khổng lồ overwhelm your opponent quickly and efficiently!

Fireguard was created in a secret research laboratory of which only the ashes are left. This shadow bot can infinitely generate shadow energy & transform it into all-consuming flames. Fireguard"s true purpose remains a mystery, & anyone who gets in his way will be destroyed.

Don"t be afraid to spend your shadow energy: Fireguard restores it automatically. His various shadow techniques are useful in many situations. And if you"re in danger of being defeated, stay close to lớn your opponent; after taking fatal damage, Fireguard activates the self-destruct protocol!

Kate is a liquidator. These special Legion soldiers have a unique genetic ability: they can burn out the shadow energy of their opponents. One of the best liquidators, Kate is especially dangerous for any shadow energy user: she can drain the opponent"s shadow energy and use it against them.

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If your opponent is a shadow energy master, don"t be afraid lớn play aggressively! By taking their shadow energy, you take away their combat advantage. Use your shadow abilities lớn improve your chances at victory!

In these difficult times mankind needs strong leaders more than ever. Revolutionary Yukka intends to lớn create a new world without factions, rulers, or classes. & she"s going khổng lồ use the strength promised lớn the tournament winner to fulfill her dream of utopia, no matter the cost.

You can command Shade to lớn attack your opponent at any time. Do it often! & when your opponent makes a mistake, you can throw all the power nguồn of Guillotine on him: the more Wounds your opponent has, the greater the damage of this ability!

Her eye, shining with shadow energy, became an eternal reminder of that battle with the Shadow Mind. That time Kibo lost, and she swore khổng lồ never thảm bại again. In combat, Kibo uses a unique technique - Shadow Onslaught. With the help of shadow energy, her dashes inflict increased damage!

Accuracy above all! You can"t afford to lớn miss: Kibo loses shadow energy if she doesn"t hit. Try khổng lồ consider the distance to lớn the opponent before each attack. But even if you missed, don"t be discouraged - Kibo accumulates shadow energy very quickly!

The story of the Emperor is used to scare naughty children. Long ago, he used khổng lồ be a kind ruler. But suddenly he snapped và destroyed the Dynastian capital with his own hands. That tale is only half the truth. The Emeperor"s body toàn thân is possessed by a Shadow Beast. It consumes shadow energy and awaits the moment lớn break free; may gods help anyone who faces him when this happens.

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Accumulate shadow energy as quickly as possible. When the Emperor becomes a Shadow Beast, your damage will increase drastically! In this form, your best strategy is khổng lồ be aggressive. Few can withstand the power nguồn of the Shadow Beast!

One day it will be over for the Legion. The last remaining warrior will raise his shield between the citizens of the capital và hordes of shadow beasts. For 72 hours he"ll be restlessly fighting the flood of beasts to lớn keep them away from the breach in fortifications. And then the Shadow Mind will use its powers lớn send this warrior into the past - straight lớn the Shadow Tournament. The warrior will disappear, and the capital will fall. Và that"s how Jack Bulwark will find himself in our time.

Jack never gives up. So when your opponent enters the Shadow form, don"t even think about backing down! Use the Shadow Fortress to block attacks và continue your offensive. Và even if you feel lượt thích you"re losing, don"t despair: Fractures persist between rounds!

Nomad Jet arrived in our world from the distant future. Và she will not return trang chủ until she achieves her goal: to defeat the Shadow Mind và prevent the demise of her people. Her agility và extra-long combos are equally beautiful & dangerous!

Be careful at the beginning of the battle. But when you gather enough Cyclone charges, turn into a Tornado of destruction! Your attacks will break through the opponent"s blocks and then they"ll be no match for your whirlwind of strikes!