Monster School : Baby Zombie X Squid Game Doll Broken Family

I used these as a mid-winter reminder khổng lồ think positively và have a growth mindset. Who doesn't love cootie catchers?! Thank you!

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Students love making these and then interacting with each other. I walked around to hear worthwhile conversations going on all over the classroom. I can't wait to lớn use it next school year!

Need a fun social emotional learning classroom lesson, self-esteem small group activity, or engaging CBT individual counseling intervention. Your students will LOVE learning all about positive affirmations & positive self-talk while they make customized fortune tellers! Using positive affirmations will help your students develop self-efficacy, nurture a positive self-concept, & be a protective factor và coping tool for when life gets tough.

What"s Included

4 Do-it-yourself, customizable & colorable fortune tellers 4 Ready-to-go fortune tellers, in both màu sắc and black and whiteList of vị trí cao nhất 50 Positive Affirmations that students can refer khổng lồ when designing their own, quality positive affirmation cootie catcherAssembly Instructions và Directions on How lớn PlayLesson Plan lớn use in Classroom và Guidance Lessons.

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Aligned with ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors.The "What Is Your Strength" ready-made fortune teller is perfect to lớn use in solution-focused counseling sessions.

Ways to lớn Use These Positive Affirmation Fortune Tellers

*Introduce positive affirmations as a coping skill lớn your class and/or as supplement your social/emotional, wellbeing curriculum.

*Great for school counselors lớn use in small groups và individual counseling sessions.

*Designed to lớn remind children they are lovable, worthy, và belong.

*"The Powerful You Fortune Teller" is also a great solution focused counseling tool.

*Teach how using positive affirmations is a very helpful coping skill.

*Practice turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

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Not quite what you are looking for? Maybe these positive affirmation formats will work...



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*Growth Mindset Fortune Tellers: Fun Growth Mindset Lesson & Counseling Groups

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