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Psychonauts 2

A decade after Psychonauts released, Psychonauts 2 has arrived, & it’s a massive hit. Dustin says in his reviews that Psychonauts 2 is “a rare sequel that improves on the original in every meaningful way. It’s packed lớn the brim with beautiful worlds và surprising interactions, và its colourful cast is equal parts funny, believable, và sympathetic.” High praise indeed!

Psychonauts 2 is a quirky platformer with an array of wonderful characters – you play as Raz, a trained acrobat & psychic who has joined the elite group of psychic spies – the Psychonauts. Leap, explore, và complete missions on a quest khổng lồ defeat a murderous psychic villain in an imaginative sầu và memorable story, as Dustin says, “this is Double Fine’s best game.”



From the studio behind Endless Legkết thúc comes a new historical, turn-based strategy game, Humankind. Instead of picking one historical empire and controlling their journey from stone tools to lớn supercomputers, the game is split inlớn seven eras, and each Humankind leader selects a different culture lớn embody toàn thân for that era. The story of your people might involve ruling the seas as the Norsemen in the Medieval era, and then building magnificent cities as the Mughals in the Early Modern era.

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Whatever path you choose to lớn take, the alặng of the game is to lớn accrue the most Humankind fame by the over of the game, which can be earned in a myriad of ways. When you inevitably clash with your rival nations, Humankind wars are particularly deep – as Rich explains in his Humankind review, “You can prevail against two-to-one odds through clever use of terrain & reinforcements, and it feels both brilliant and historically accurate to pull off.”

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The Ascent

In the sliông xã, hyper-urban world of The Ascent, you play as a worker in a futuristic cyberpunk metropolis, where everything is owned by the Ascent Group – until one day, when it collapses, & you must figure out how khổng lồ survive. It’s an isometric action-RPG with plenty of enemies khổng lồ mow down & rip through using meaty guns, deployable robots, và hacking augmentations.

In his The Ascent reviews, Jordan describes how, “as a twin-stick shooter with light RPG mechanics, The Ascent is a magnificent example of how far phối dressing & punchy shooting can take you.”


The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

Read more: ourThe Great Ace Attorney Chronicles preview

It introduces new mechanics, such as debunking the theories of Herloông chồng Sholmes và convincing jurors khổng lồ change their verdict by pointing out contradictions in their view of the case. However, fans of the Phoenix Wright games will feel right at home solving these grisly murder cases, all while waggling their fingers and yelling ‘objection’ at the top of their lungs.

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Hell Let Loose

Set on the battlefields of WWII, Hell Let Loose is a tactical multiplayer FPS game in which two commanders each take charge of a team of 50 players, and decide where squads move sầu to & where supplies are allocated. As part of a squad, soldiers must communicate & coordinate their movements, setting up garrisons và gaining footholds in enemy territory.

In his Hell Let Loose nhận xét, Ian concludes that the game’s “complex interplay of FPS action and real-time tactical planning rewards communication, coordination, và genuine leadership in a way few other games even attempt.”


Monster Hunter Stories 2

In the world of Monster Hunter, it’s not all slaying và flaying – alongside the titular hunters, there are also Boss riders, who are able lớn forge bonds with a các buổi party of friendly ‘monsties’. And then you go around slaying và flaying, of course. There’s no gore, but you vì chưng harvest your own monsters in order to lớn create a more powerful team, but – as Jordan explains in his Monster Hunter Stories 2 Review – the story is charming, “brimming with warmth and do-gooders”. His overall verdict is that “while the repetitiveness of its turn-based battle system can become frustrating, Monster Hunter Stories 2 is more than a novel twist on the main series’ core components”.



Guilty Gear Strive is currently leading the paông xã as the best fighting game of 2021. Developed by Arc System Works, Guilty Gear Strive sầu has been designed khổng lồ be accessible lớn newcomers while retaining the depth the series is known for. Featuring 15 new và returning characters, a heavy soundtraông xã by Daisuke Ishiwatari, và the all-important rollbaông xã netcode, Guilty Gear Strive has established itself as the go-khổng lồ fighting game for fans và new players alike.


Chivalry 2

Torn Banner Studios’ follow up to their 2012 smash hit, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is here, & it is brutal. The gameplay has been sped up khổng lồ make battles even more intense and chaotic than ever before. Take part in first person medieval fights as you clash swords with up lớn 63 people on the battlefield. There are only a handful of games like Chivalry 2, so you’ll want lớn read our Chivalry 2 beginner’s guide before venturing inkhổng lồ battle. We’ve also broken down what the best classes are, giving you an edge over the competition.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition packs all three games into lớn one bundle, including most of the DLC to create the ultimate package for RPG fans. All of the games have sầu been remastered for 4K, with major upgrades khổng lồ the games’ performance và visuals across the whole trilogy. “This is the same Mass Effect we fell in love sầu with all those years ago, painstakingly polished and wrapped up in a neat ribbon,” says Jen in her impressions piece.

Check out our Mass Effect Legendary Edition face codes guide lớn pick out the best looking Shepard in the galaxy. We also have a romance options guide for anyone who wants to know what relationships are available across the trilogy.


Days Gone

A plague of zombies has devastated the Pacific Northwest, and protagonist Deacon St. John must survive sầu in the apocalyptic wasteland, working as a mercenary and drifting from camp khổng lồ camp on his motorcycle. As Ian explains in our Days Gone đánh giá, it’s a “workmanlượt thích open-world adventure, but it’s elevated inlớn something special by its spectacular horde fights, ambitious scope, & warmly written characters.”

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Being chased by extremely tall ladies, dodging feral lycans, and battering down shambling Moroaica is, as it turns out, an absolutely wonderful time. Resident Evil Village is already one of the biggest releases on Steam this year, & as Dustin explains in his Resident Evil Village reviews, it’s “a blover of horror, action, exploration, và puzzle-solving that pays tribute to – and frequently surpasses – its predecessors”. If you’re planning on venturing into lớn the Village yourself, make use of our bosses guide, weapon upgrades guide, & recipes guide.

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In People Can Fly’s looter shooter, you play as the Outrider, a soldier tasked with attempting to establish a new trang chính for humanity after Earth’s destruction. Alone, or with up lớn two allies online, the Outrider blasts their way across the planet Enoch with all kinds of fantastical dystopian future weapons & skills. The combat is thoroughly enjoyable, with “superpowers that put the recent Marvel’s Avengers to lớn shame”, alongside a “blockbuster narrative”, as Jordan explains in his Outriders Reviews. For the collectors, we’ve gotOutriders legendary weapons& Outriders legendary armour guides.

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It Takes Two

As the name suggests, you’ll need lớn recruit a friover lớn play It Takes Two – lượt thích Hazelight’s previous game A Way Out, it’s a multiplayer only endeavour. The rom-com-esque story involves a feuding couple who must learn lớn work together, và the platforming gameplay ingeniously demands the same of you và your player two.

New mechanics and challenges keep the game fresh & fun throughout, the characters are charming, and while the trials you both face are quirky và amusing, there are some more meaningful, mature themes that emerge as you play.


Loop Hero

Retro-style roguelike Loop Hero is one of the most addictive indies we’ve played in a while. The Loop Hero is on a mission khổng lồ rebuild reality, setting out on adventures day after day in order lớn gather resources và knowledge. As the hero makes their way around the ‘loop’, automatically battling the monsters in their path, the player is in charge of placing down cards which change the surrounding terrain, and the foes that spawn there.

Planning the route is crucial; certain tile combinations unlochồng new variations and various buffs – but if you misjudge and overface your nhân vật, they will die & be sent back without many of the precious resources they gathered on their trip. As Ian puts it in his Loop Hero Reviews, ‘the closer you come lớn failure, the better the rewards’.



A Viking warrior slain in battle, you arrive in Valheyên, a procedurally-generated Norse wilderness that you must survive and explore – alone, or with up khổng lồ nine other Viking pals online. Valheyên itself is a pleasure khổng lồ explore; teeming with life & full of dungeons to lớn discover, all rendered with charming old-school textures, paired with picturesque modern lighting effects. Whether you dream of raising the grandest meadhall in the lvà, sailing to distant horizons across dangerous seas, or bopping the heông xã out of trolls và dwarfs, you’re bound lớn make Odin proud.


The Medium

With the makers of Layers of Fear, Obhệ thống, and Blair Witch Project behind it as well as an abandoned khách sạn resort as its setting, The Medium has psychological horror written all over it. You play as a mortician haunted by a child’s murder, & as you investigate, you enter a surreal spirit world where your real life actions are reproduced simultaneously. Navigating these two planes of existence is key lớn discovering the fate of the Niwa khách sạn.


Hitman 3

Agent 47 returns khổng lồ cap off the World of Assassination trilogy in Hitman 3, và this time his itinerary includes a cloud-piercing skyscraper in Dubai, a grand English manor house, & the neon lights of Chongqing in Đài Loan Trung Quốc. In our Hitman 3 reviews, Jordan praises Hitman 3’s storytelling, explaining that “rather than stitching each sandbox together with some cutscenes, IO is starting lớn tinker with the sandboxes themselves. The Berlin mission is the perfect example: the entire cấp độ is characterised by the absence of a handler, both narratively & in its impact on the now-familiar rhythms of the new series.”

If you’re aiming to complete the Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge for every level, we’ve got your baông xã – starting with the Hitman 3 Dubai Silent Assassin, Suit Only walkthrough.

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