Ever wanted to lớn prove to lớn your friend, you"re better than him at coding! Challenge him to a game of HackOff. In this lightning paced coding environment, you can best your opponent in a battle khổng lồ the end.

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Inspired by intense duels between hacker and hacker, hacker and government, HackOff aims lớn bring that experience khổng lồ you. The blood pressure raising, tension inducing contest will bring out your truest skills.

What it does

Hack Off is an interactive trò chơi which involves two players who competing against each other to solve coding challenges khổng lồ make their move in the game integrated along with the challenge.

Finding the player

We use sockets và a queue to implement our backend to match players up with their friends.


Picking a difficulty

Pick a difficulty: easy, medium or hard. You get more moves the harder your difficulty.


Playing the game

First solve the coding question succesfully

Then move on to play your move


Solve problems quicker, & use your advantage khổng lồ outwit your opponent in an intense game of the mind.

Win before your opponent, in a battle for pride.

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How we built it


ReactJsOur client is built using react & react-bootstrap, custom css styling has been used.

ReactSkyA premade react library for creating the background.

ReactAceA premade react library for making the text editor.


SocketsOur server uses sockets to connect và exchange data, we have a queue of games for multiple players & people to lớn join.

Code Compiling APIWe use a REST API lớn compile code & execute it on a remote server, to solve our problems.

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Challenges we ran into

Redux: setting up of react redux was a difficult procedureMaking custom chess version: We couldn"t xuất hiện source any chess engine as we were making our own version of chess where you could move twiceFinding Problems: Finding data on coding problems was very difficult, we had to lớn manually make questions for our trò chơi in the required format.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Front End- the front over of the application has resulted in a beautiful interfaceSocket - the socket application is connected well, the server

What I learned

Front kết thúc - making clean react appsSocket- making of backends with socket connections

What"s next for gian lận Off

Deploying our vps onto a cloud engineMaking more quality of life improvements, like friends, game sessions, & more games!