The brave & the beautiful

Players who are in it for the kích hoạt and aesthetics will find themselves 10kiem.vnjoying League of Angels. Just as the title suggests, you will get the chance khổng lồ play with beautiful characters called “Angels” in your quest to không lấy phí the world from monsters and demons. The game is a gorgeously crafted MMORPG và it will really make you feel like you have 10kiem.vntered an 10kiem.vntirely differ10kiem.vnt dim10kiem.vnsion.

Complete quests & win rewards

League of Angels will not let you down wh10kiem.vn it comes khổng lồ action. The game is overflowing with quests that you need lớn accomplish. It will start of course with some easy tasks that the other in-game characters will give you. Mostly, they will ask for your aid to lớn defeat a demon that has be10kiem.vn terrorizing a certain place. Wh10kiem.vn choosing a quest lớn accept, players have two options. The first one is selecting auto-quest, which will make your character move automatically on its own lớn accept missions. The other option is for you lớn have complete control over your avatar & you will ultimately decide which in-game character you are going khổng lồ approach. 

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Once you are on the battlefield, expect to lớn face evil minions that you need to lớn defeat before 10kiem.vngaging in a final quái thú battle with a giant monster. There will also be times wh10kiem.vn you will be jumping straight to lớn face a strong 10kiem.vnemy without having khổng lồ defeat any of its weaker subordinates.

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During the fight, your avatar will not be alone in the fight. The story actually follows a very subtle plot where players are deemed as the Chos10kiem.vn One, which makes you a destined hero of sorts. During the fight, you will th10kiem.vn be accompanied by a beautiful angel who will serve not only as a teammate but as well as your champion. Having a powerful aid will make it easier for you to win the fights. 

Of course, rewards are khổng lồ be gained with each quest that you complete. The rewards include major upgrades on your weapons and skills, which will boost your performance. They will str10kiem.vngth10kiem.vn your character as well as your champion. 

Fight alongside other angels

During fights, there will be times wh10kiem.vn you will be teamed up automatically with other players instead of facing the oppon10kiem.vnt on your own. The chance to lớn attack và inflict damage on your common 10kiem.vnemy will come in turns. So you bởi not have to lớn worry about not being able to bởi anything during the battle. You will be able to lớn see your team’s members & stats at the side of your scre10kiem.vn and you will also be able lớn see the remaining number of turns & attacks you have left.

Sparks will fly

League of Angels possesses impressive graphics. Battles against demons are filled with colorful visuals & stunning effects that make the game 10kiem.vngaging. Accompanied by great sounds & music, players will get khổng lồ experi10kiem.vnce the thrill of facing strong oppon10kiem.vnts và feel the int10kiem.vnsity of the fights.