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Toys have sầu found completely new levels of interaction possibilities for kids & grown-ups alượt thích lớn play, have sầu fun & also khổng lồ learn. Bluetooth Low Energy has brought life to lớn previously inanimate toys that now can learn to lớn vày new things, react in different ways & be tailored to a child’s wishes and needs. Connectivity can breathe life into lớn games allowing individuals & groups to lớn connect together or as groups & even via the cloud to play, compete & have sầu fun from remote locations. Toys and games simply get more fun when they’re connected.

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Ultra-low peak, average & idle mode power consumptionAbility lớn run for years on standard, coin-cell batteries Multi-vendor interoperability Enhanced range

Game controllers | Interactive toys | RC toys | Robots | Drones và pods


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trò chơi controllers

trò chơi controllers are almost exclusively wireless today, the spatial freedom offered just makes gaming so much better. công nghệ Bluetooth không dây low energy is a great candidate for game controllers, offering standardized connectivity it ensures compatibility across controllers, consoles, computers and TVs. The nRF52 Series SoCs offer excellent energy efficiency and with the broad range of peripherals và interfaces together with an ARM Cortex-M4 offer true single chip opportunities for gamecontroller design.


Interactive toys

Interactive toys have brought life & character lớn kids toys. With powerful, richly featured connectivity SoCs such as the nRF52 Series at their heart they have sầu the ability for motion, intelligence and speech interaction. Wireless connectivity has changed toys for good. Once mostly inanimate objects, reliant on the child’s imagination alone. Now in addition to a child’s make-believe sầu they can ask & respond to lớn inquisitiveness bringing a much richer learning experience for kids.With công nghệ Bluetooth không dây low energy interactive sầu toys can learn và adapt khổng lồ individuals by connecting to each other và the cloud via a smartphone.

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RC toys

Radio control (RC) toys are great fun for young and old alike. There are RC trains, planes và automobiles, & of course helicopters available with a variety of performance and price points.2.4GHz wireless can offer bi-directional digital control at acceptable distances with attractive sầu power consumption levels.Similar to lớn robots RC toys have a lot of complexity under the hood. In addition to lớn connectivity a broad selection of digital and analog interfaces is desirable for hooking up various sensors and motor control to the application processor.


Robots, who doesn’t love robots? In a similar way to lớn interative sầu toys và creatures, robots now not only persize actions, they engage with you, even talk khổng lồ you và act on your commands. A broad variety of robots exist from the classic humanoid we are all familiar with to dinosaurs that hunt for other connected devices khổng lồ purely robotic arms offering very high precision movement.

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