Ios 14: how to add friends to game center on iphone

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Apple"s iOS is a leading di động đoạn phim game platform. The games available for the iPhone và the iOS are entertaining, but gamers và developers learned that games are even better when played with friends head-to-head over the mạng internet. That"s where Apple"s Game Center comes in.

The Game Center phầm mềm was introduced in iOS 4.1. Apple discontinued the app in iOS 10 và moved some of its features lớn the iOS.

What Is Game Center?

Game Center is a phối of gaming-specific featuresthat you can use to find people to lớn play against. You can also compare your stats và achievements with other players.

Getting trò chơi Center requires iOS 4.1 or later, up to lớn but not including iOS 10. If the device that runs anything older than iOS 10, it may have Game Center on it.

You also need an Apple ID khổng lồ phối up a trò chơi Center trương mục. Because trò chơi Center was built inlớn these versions of iOS, youdon"t need to lớn download anything other than compatible games.

What Happened to trò chơi Center in iOS 10 và Up?

At its introduction, Game Center was a stand-alone app.That approach changed with iOS 10 when Apple discontinued the Game Center app. In place of the tiện ích, Apple made some Game Center features part of iOS.

Relying on ứng dụng developers lớn tư vấn Game Center makes using these features tricky. Developers can tư vấn all trò chơi Center features, some of them, or none at all. There"s no consistent experience with Game Center, and it"s difficult khổng lồ know what features, if any, come with a game before downloading it.

Manage Your Game Center Account

Game Center uses the sameApple IDthat you use lớn buy from the iTunes Store or theApp Store. Create a new accountif you want, but it"s not necessary.Even though Game Center no longer exists as an ứng dụng, you can manage some aspects of your Game Center account:


You must have a trò chơi Center-compatible game và be connected lớn Wi-Fi or Công nghệ Bluetooth khổng lồ play with another player.

In the trò chơi Center Profile section, tap your name khổng lồ open your protệp tin. This name is how you are identified to other gamers who invite you khổng lồ games.

One change to lớn trò chơi Center in iOS 10 và up is that individual friends cannot be added or deleted from your trò chơi Center network on the iPhone. The only option is to remove every trò chơi Center friover you have. Because there"s no way to add friends, be sure this is what you want before doing it. To remove friends, go to the trò chơi Center screen, tap Friends, then select Remove All.

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How to Get Game Center-Compatible Games

Finding Game Center-compatible games used to lớn be simple: You could browse or tìm kiếm for them in the Game Center tiện ích. They also were clearly labeled in the App Store with a Game Center inhỏ.

Now, games don"t clearly indicate anywhere that they tư vấn these features. Finding them is trial & error.Search the App Store for game center to find compatible games that offer some Game Center features.

How to lớn Know If an App Supports trò chơi Center

When you launch a game that supports trò chơi Center, a small message slides down from the top of the screen with the Game Center ibé (fourinterlocking colored spheres). The message says Welcome Back và shows your trò chơi Center username. If you see that message, the phầm mềm supports some Game Center features.

Multiplayer Games and Challenges

Because not all games that tư vấn GameCenter offer all of its features, instructions for using those features are incomplete or inconsistent. Different games implement the features differently, so there"s no one way khổng lồ find & use them.

Many games support multiplayer games, head-to-head matchups, & challenges. In Challenges, you invite your Game Center friends khổng lồ beat your scores or achievements in a game. Finding these features are different in each game, but good places to look are in leaderboard and achievement areas under a Challenges tab.

View Your Stats

Many Game Center-compatible games trackyour achievements and awards. To view these stats, find the leaderboard or achievements section of the phầm mềm. It"s indicated with an icon that is associated with winning or stats such as a crown, trophy, or a button labeled Game Center in an options menu or in the stats và objectives menus. After you find this section in the game, there may be other options including:

Achievements:These are your in-game successes. Each game has a different phối of achievements for particular goals or tasks. They"re tracked here.Leaderboards:This shows your ranking on various criteria compared to lớn your trò chơi Center friends và to lớn all players of the game.

Make Screen Recordings in Game Center

IOS 10 dramatically changed trò chơi Center, but it did deliver one benefit: the ability to record gameplay to tóm tắt with others. In iOS 10 and later, game developers need to implement this feature specifically. In iOS 11 and later, screen recording is a built-in feature of iOS. Even for games with the functionality built-in, the process varies.

Restrict or Disable Game Center

Parents who are concerned about their children interacting with strangers online can use the Game Center parental restrictions to turn off multiplayer & friover features. This feature allows children to lớn traông chồng stats & ​achievements but insulates them from unwanted or inappropriate contacts.

Because Game Center is no longer a stand-alone app, you can"t delete it or its features. If you don"t want those features lớn be available, mix up the parental restrictions.

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There's no way to lớn reinstall the trò chơi Center tiện ích if you're using iOS 10 và up, since its features are now baked inlớn iOS and iPadOS. But you can go lớn Settings > trò chơi Center and sign bachồng inkhổng lồ your tài khoản to restore it and recover game data lượt thích leaderboards & achievements.