Home security is of utmost importance. And sometimes finding the right equipment can be difficult. The security market has a lot of products to offer when it comes lớn surveillance of your home. Many go for a proper security camera system for trang chủ whereas some homeowners are considering & installing an unusual option called trail cameras.

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Also called as game or remote cameras, trail cameras are rapidly gaining popularity as an alternative to security cameras for homes. Today, we will unpack more about the differences between a professional security camera và a trail camera & which suits home surveillance needs the best.

What is a trail camera?

Trail cameras are actually used by wildlife photographers và in some places, hunters to keep a track of the wildlife activity & animals’ behaviour patterns. These cameras only wake up when they sense a motion. Moreover, trail cameras detect relative temperature change. Once they bởi vì detect a motion, they wake up và take several pictures and videos.

These pictures & videos are large in form size and have a higher resolution. Additionally, their detection ranges from 20 ft. To lớn 120 ft.

The trail cameras are usually set up by wildlife photographers at strategic points, blending in the environment khổng lồ not scare away the fauna. For trang chủ security, these cameras can be phối up at some height with a clear view of the whole area.

Okay, so now that we understand, let’s dig into a few differences trail cameras have with a professional trang chủ security camera.

Basis of differences

Trail Cameras

Professional Security Cameras

PurposeTrail cameras are made for tracking wildlife.Security Cameras are specially designed for security and surveillance of a home or workplace.
Duration of the đoạn phim feedAs discussed before, trail cameras only take pictures & very short clip when they sense a motion or temperature change.Security Cameras give you 24 hours live feed with no breaks, capturing every single activity.
DesignTrail cameras are designed lớn blend in the surrounding nature with their camouflage patterns.Security Cameras are much more obvious và help in protecting a home or workplace better.
VisibilityThese cameras are not visible to lớn everyone due lớn their design & therefore don’t pre-maturely keep burglars, robbers, intruders, etc., away.A security camera is out there và can be positioned lớn be very visible in the home. This works as a preventive measure.
FunctionsThese cameras cannot pan or tilt. Therefore, they only focus on large và high-resolution pictures.

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Security Cameras can pan và tilt khổng lồ capture surrounding background too offering more flexibility.
Mobile application supportTrail cameras don’t have very sophisticated thiết bị di động application backup. The apps have limited functions,Since professional security cameras are designed for home surveillance, their di động apps come with many monitoring options needed for trang chủ security.
Zoom FeatureThese cameras don’t have the zoom feature.Can zoom and record.
Multiple Viewing & monitoringIt is not possible.You can connect security camera with an NVR (Network video Recorder) system khổng lồ monitor multiple cameras together.
Wi-Fi functionsOnly new models support wireless transmission of files over Wi-Fi.All models have supported wireless or PoE transmission of data.
Temperature detectionTrail Cameras can detect change in temperature.These cameras can’t detect change in temperature.

These are a few differences between a trail camera và a security camera.

Should you get a trail camera for your home?

While a trail camera has multiple good features like motion & temperature change detection, taking high resolution và large kích cỡ images, trail cameras are not particularly designed for trang chủ security.

A professional home surveillance system can help you record 24X7 live feed with features like person and motion detection. Moreover, their sản phẩm điện thoại apps và technology is more sophisticated và fit for home security purposes. You can use the app to save data on cloud and tải về it for viewing & monitoring later.

But in case, you have already bought a trail camera for your home, don’t worry. It’s not money down the drain. You can repurpose the trail camera for your trang chủ surveillance. Position the camera in a strategic position outdoors. These cameras run on battery. So, you need not worry about a nguồn source here. It will work just fine for your home.

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Although if you haven’t yet purchased the camera and mean business when it comes to your home’s security, you should really opt for a wifi-enabled wireless or wire-free trang chủ security system. Xsafe is one such hàng hóa line.

Hope this article helped you understand more about trail & security cameras. Happy shopping và securing your home!