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Connect Vietnamese players và deliver the most epic entertainment experiences.Funtap was founded in 2015 by a cohort of enthusiastic & experienced veterans in the fields of internet services and mobile entertainment. Placing the highest priority on customers’ needs, our goal is to provide the best gaming experience khổng lồ Vietnamese players, connecting them khổng lồ make the biggest trò chơi community.The era of smartphone Game has come. With our hearts fueled by passion for games, we believe that our non-stop efforts will change Vietnamese playing game behaviours, contributing khổng lồ a thriving game community.Join our team today!

1Continuous learning và career growth 2Exciting challenges and rewarding recognitions 3Creative workplace with Experts teams


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As a company active in the field of Internet & entertainment services based on điện thoại platforms that are volatile and developing continuously, we create a dynamic, friendly, youth-driven working environment. The development of Funtap is a collective"s achievement. We work with aggressive attitude with the goal of creating greater value.At Funtap, we respect the identity of each person and appreciate the differences in a solid collective. Each member at Funtap family is exposed to lớn new trends, miễn phí creativeness, fostering unique thought, ability lớn tackle with harsh situations và work in a dynamic environment with a high level of focusFuntap not only demonstrates the value & effectiveness of work through feedback from users, but also brings a friendly, transparent and progressive working environment. Funtap connects individuals with colorful personalities into a unified whole. .We ensure the best welfare schemes for all employees. Remuneration policy is always attractive, và transparent khổng lồ create favourable environment for individuals lớn make efforts & dedicate all their heart. Camping, vacation, birthday parties, team building activities may help relieve any stress & recharge people with full of energy to continue working.Support working equipments, consulting inquiries, professional orientation for employees.