11 new features that make final fantasy xv windows edition the definitive version


Final Fantasy XV is not the first time we have been graced by the presence of Square Enix’s illustrious and long-running Final Fantasy series on PC – in fact, we have sầu had nine of them – but it might be the most PC focused of them all. Those inscrutable words, ‘Windows Edition’, belie a lot of new features, DLC extras from the console version, & Nvidia-powered graphics updates.

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What vày they all mean, though? Precisely how useful is voxel-based ambient occlusion, và should you care about its compilation of additional gubbins? Only youcan decide. It is your life, after all. To that over, we will arm you with the information about all of FFXV:WE’s glimmering new treats presently.

Cheông xã out performance đánh giá to lớn find out how Final Fantasy XV runs on PC.

The very real & absolutely nonsensical ability to play as Gordon Freeman


As in the chap who saved us all from alien invasion in 1998. Yep, thatGordon Freeman. Stoic type, enjoys a good crowbar, you know him. Has absolutely nothing khổng lồ bởi with the Final Fantasy universe in even the most tenuous way. That one.

And yet, here we are, talking about his debut in the Final Fantasy series. Available as a pre-order bonus lớn anyone who bought the game prior to lớn March 1, the iconic HEV suit, crowbar, and ‘scientist glasses’ of gaming’s most combat-savvy particle physicist are one of several new costume options for Noctis & his pals. Look, this is as cthua trận as we will ever get lớn thatthreequel, so let’s just embrace it.


The best thing about modding communities is that, lượt thích Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gon’ git. The major deviation in that simile being that Mrs Gump was in no danger of opening a box of nude strawberry cremes and ‘immersive’ 4K resolution pralines.

Even at this early stage in FFXV:WE’s hack supported PC release, we have been treated khổng lồ a performance-enhancing salve. That’s within the first week – who knows what the future holds?

Nvidia GameWorks features

This is a substantial addition khổng lồ an already impressive Luminous Studio engine. Nvidia bring voxel-based ambient occlusion (VXAO), TurfWorks (better grass), Hairworks (lustrous manes on animal life), ShadowLibs (better shadows) to the graphics menu, offering several ways to lớn pile on extra fidelity on top of what the console versions can vì chưng.

There are other tweaks, too, like improved flame và tessellation effects. It is a demanding suite for any rig if you plan on enabling them all at once, but the visual benefits are pronounced – particularly in VXAO’s case.

A bigger version of the Insomnia Ruins with two new boss fights


In the console versions of FFXV, towards the kết thúc of there was a sense of… the unfinished. Despite it being an absolutely gargantuan JRPG we are talking about, in which you can thua thảm half an hour on a throwaway diversion like fishing, there are elements that feel incomplete in that final act. Thusly, the new Windows Edition addresses that by expanding on that nội dung. If you just started a new game, you will get lớn it in about summer 20đôi mươi.

Specifically, new side-quests await in the ruins of Noctis’ former hometown, along with trùm fight encounters with Cerberus, Omega, & the Rulers of Yore. There is some degree of confusion about this – previously the latter fight was available only as a multiplayer mission despite feeling very much a main quest event. It looks like that has been rectified now.

First-person mode

What is the most PC gaming thing? Correct, it is cleaning an old mouse by popping out the ball & using a q-tip to lớn dislodge the gunk inside so that your aiming’s more precise in Quake III. The second most PC gaming thing, though, is first-person mode.

For the first time, it is available in the Windows Edition of Final Fantasy XV. It is a natural fit with mouse and keyboard control, also supported, and even if you bởi vì not want khổng lồ play through the whole game lượt thích it is Skyrlặng, the ability to pop in for a closer look at the environment is always pleasant. Good for screenshotting, too.

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A high-res texture pack và 8K support

If you saw the above sầu sub-heading & thought, ‘yep, my rig will run games at 8K without any problems, let’s give it a go’, then you must be from the far future. Tell us how Bitcoin’s doing, will you?

We digress. An enormous 40+GB high resolution texture paông chồng is available for Windows Edition to lớn enhance visuals at 4K resolution and beyond. It also lends another use to lớn the first-person mode: scrutinising things like floor surfaces & pillar textures up cđại bại. Imagine being a denizen of Eos, spotting Prince Noctis crouched on the floor, his nose almost touching the mosaic tiles, studying them with ironclad concentration. “Are you… are you alright there, Noctis?” You ask.

“I think these might even hold up at 8K,” he mutters to lớn no-one in particular.” Meanwhile, there are robot armies running amok in the countryside và Insomnia lies in ruins.

All season pass content


Everything previously released khổng lồ console gamers is tied up with a neat bow & delivered off the bat in Windows Edition. Don’t look for the bow in your inventory – it was figurative.

That includes: Episode Gladiolus, Episode Ignis, Episode Promplớn, và the Comrades multiplayer expansion. The first three refer khổng lồ your faithful tiệc ngọt members & offer a chance khổng lồ get to know them better by walking a mile in their shoes, as it were. Comrades, on the other h&, is your only chance khổng lồ play FFXV as an online multiplayer game without the central các buổi party members.

Create your own avatar, team up with others, have sầu massive sầu JRPG fights. Each is a substantial piece of content, so on the off chance you ever finish the base game, you still will not truly exhaust the full extent of Windows Edition’s nội dung for dozens more hours yet.

Assorted DLC

On a slightly more incidental note, Windows Edition also brings over additional weapons, Regalia car skins, and items sets that were previously available as DLC. Whether or not you have sầu much interest in bonus cosmetic items lượt thích this, there is a distinct feeling that you have sầu got one over on the games industry when they turn up for miễn phí in a game you just bought.

A royal boat to lớn go galavanting around in


Why drive when you can sail? Well, because if your journey takes place across l&, sailing would either require a huge diversion around your destination’s coastal perimeter (và you would probably still have lớn drive sầu for a while inl& upon disembarking), or the impossible endeavour of dragging an aquatic vessel across lvà somehow. You may also suffer from seasickness or a fear of the sea.

Sorry, got a bit locked in there. What I meant lớn say was there is a boat in Final Fantasy XV.

A royal boat, no less. A really fancy one. You can very nearly smell the Alcantara suede tryên ổn. The royal vessel allows you to lớn explore the oceans & small islands between Altissia và Cape Caem và indulge in a spot of fishing. There are new fish around those parts that lead to lớn new recipes, too.

An accessory carrying the new ‘Armiger Unleashed’ ability

Donning this unspecified accessory after locating it in an unspecified part of the world gains you the chance khổng lồ dole out even more powerful attacks when the Armiger of ancient weapons is unleashed. Let the treasure hunt (or Reddit trawling) commence!

Future nội dung inlớn 2019

To circle back to lớn an earlier point, Final Fantasy XV isn’t 100%, absolutely, done-and-dusted finished. That is not to say there are bits hanging off it or ‘Under Construction’ tape preventing access to lớn certain areas, it is more that the grvà story has yet khổng lồ have sầu all its threads definitively concluded, as indicated by the game’s director Hajime Tabata asking players whether they want a happy or sad ending lớn the game in March 2018 – years after its initial release.

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With that in mind, there is plenty more to lớn come in terms of story content through the next year, và Windows Edition players will get all of it, no strings attached, when it drops.