Everything you need to know about ffxv: pocket edition on nintendo switch

The Nintenvày Switch just got its own version of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition. Here"s all of the juicy details.

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Final Fantasy XV has had a long history. It started development in 2006 and only just came out on PlayStation 4 và Xbox One in 2016. Two years later, Final Fantasy XV came to lớn điện thoại devices in the form of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, and now it"s available on Nintenvày Switch.

$29.99 - Download Now

Here"s everything you need to know about this abridged version of the popular Final Fantasy XV!

When is it available và how much is it?


Square Enix và Nintenvì chưng surprised us with FFXV Pocket Edition coming to the Switch, và it"s been available since after the September Nintenvị Direct event.

You can find it on the Nintenvì chưng eShop. The regular price is $29.99, but it"s currently on sale for $17.99 to lớn celebrate the launch.

What"s the difference between FFXV và FFXV Pocket Edition?


While the original game was critically acclaimed for amazing visuals, an open world system, & story, Pocket Edition simplifies all of that. Think of Pocket Edition as the abridged version of Final Fantasy XV.

With Pocket Edition, instead of the hyper realistic character models of the cast, you have sầu xinh tươi, "chibi" character models, which may or may not appeal lớn everyone. And rather than going with a third-person perspective, Pocket Edition utilizes a fixed camera angle perspective sầu, where you point-and-click khổng lồ tell your characters where to lớn go & what to lớn interact with.

There no longer a vast, open world to explore of your own miễn phí will, because they exchanged that for a much more focused and streamlined experience. A lot of the side quests from the original were either eliminated or replaced with new ones better optimized for touch screen devices.


Combat is also different, và some may even consider it an improvement. You"re only controlling Noctis, while the AI handles the rest. You target an enemy, & Noctis goes lớn them, attacking automatically. If you can bloông chồng or parry an attack, an action button appears và you"ll have sầu to press it at the right time. Noctis may equip a few different types of weapons at once, và you just select the one you want lớn use.

Noctis" signature Warp Strike also has better, simplified controls too, as it"s much easier khổng lồ aim than the original. The Warp Strike is a great way to lớn get around tricky situations, & can surprise và break enemy defenses.

Scenes remain similar, just slightly less detail than the original game, & it focuses only on the main story. Voice acting và music remain the same.

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Should you play this if you already played the original game?


If you"ve sầu already played the original Final Fantasy XV, then the Pocket Edition probably isn"t worth shelling out for. Unless you really want khổng lồ experience the story again, & try the simplified combat system.

But if you have yet lớn play Final Fantasy XV due lớn things lượt thích time constraints, then this is the best way to dive sầu in and experience the epic FFXV story.

Did you get your copy of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition?

So did you pichồng up your digital copy of this đáng yêu retelling of the lademo Final Fantasy game? Let us know in the comments!

$29.99 - Download Now


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