Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water


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Fatal Frame 5: Maiden of Blaông xã Water has been available khổng lồ North America as a Nintenbởi vì eShop game for about fifteen weeks, which makes this less of a retrospective on the game & more of a really harsh reviews as I compare it to the Fatal Frame games of the past. So let’s get this over with because I am fresh off of playing this và I am not in my happy place. Done are the days of snappy introductions. I’m done. I’ve been done since about part way through my critical play through of The Tormented. So let’s just get this shit show on the road.

Mount Hikangươi. Currently a popular suicide spot. Formerly the site of a drowning ritual. Aao ước other rituals. Probably all equally as horrible. Why else would there be ghosts everywhere? You wander the forest surrounding the mountain as an author (?) và a paranormal investigator (?) that also runs an antique siêu thị (??). Oh, and a teenage girl who is on showcase in a wet, White top. Because why not?! She’s also apparently the shadowy offspring of an incestuous union between Miku (yup, the same Miku from both the first & third games) & her dead brother Mafuyu.

Interested? Because I’m not. Listen, I’m not going to lie, I was only half into this game the whole time I played it. I was either scrolling through Tumblr, annoying my cat, or playing a little Happy trang chủ Designer on the side while Maiden of Blaông chồng Water dredged on. To my credit as a usually rapt videogamer, I did try lớn get inkhổng lồ it! The universe was just against this from the start. Is that my anti-Nintenbởi vì bias showing again? Oh well, it is what it is. And it’s a videogame that hopes its gimmicks make you stay, not its story.

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Boobs ahoy!

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This is a Japanese alternate costume… I get so tired of this it makes me want lớn start poking eyes out, and slashing guts, & kicking throats!


North American alternate costumes. More of this. And when I say more of this, I mean more clothes. Always more clothes!