To celebrate T-ara"s sweeping victory in 10kiem.vn"s 2015 fan hâm mộ Army Face-Off, take a look at seven key interactions between the K-pop girl group & their fiercely dedicated fanbase known as the…


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2. Building a Forest khổng lồ Celebrate Five Years (2014-2015)

To congratulate T-ara on their five-year anniversary in 2014, Queen’s raised nearly $9,000to build a small forest in Seoul.International fans from around Asia raised funds throughout the year và the park opened in January năm ngoái with flowers và trees named after their idols. Upon hearing the news, the girls thanked fans on Twitter.

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3. When 500 Fans Welcomed Them to Vietnam (2015)For their first official fan-meet sự kiện in Vietnam inJanuary 2015, a reported 500 supporters came together to lớn welcome the ladies to lớn the country, decking out their bikes withballoons and flags, and performed T-arachoreography in the streets. Kiểm tra out footage from the enthusiastic response above.

4. WhenT-araand Queen’s Came Together lớn Raise Thousands (2013)

In the holiday spirit,T-arahosted a charity auction around Christmas time in Korea. The event included the group’s stage outfits, personal items along with goods from other celebrities. The auction generated about $12,000, including around $2,400 personally donated by Queen’s that went tothe Korean Red Cross.

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5. Spending Christmas With Their “Family” (2014)Christmas 2014 marked T-ara’s first-ever concert in their native South Korea, titled “Dear My Family.” The gals told audience members they considered fans to be family, hence the concert name, và the intimate show was a way for T-ara khổng lồ spend the holiday with their fam. Kiểm tra out footage from the show above where the members are moved to tears by the fans’ enthusiasm.

6. Bus Rides With Jiyeon (2014)When Jiyeon became the first T-ara thành viên to release a solo album, Queen’s responded with a ton of support. Towards the kết thúc of her promotions for “Never Ever,” fans rented out a bus and plastereda huge advertisement over itto promote the singer’s solo work. Jiyeon gave back by meeting up with thefans who made the ads happen, eating with them và ridingaround in the Jiyeon-branded bus.

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7. When T-araPerformed in the Freezing Cold…And Fans Came khổng lồ Their Defense(2010)Apparently nothing can stop T-ara from seeing their fans — even frigid weather. The group gave an outdoor performance in 2010 where they wore short sleeves and fishnets despite reported temperatures of zero degrees. The girls looked visibly uncomfortable và fans came to lớn the girls’ rescue by publicly condemning their stylists for providing inappropriate outfits online.The fervent response got picked up by local media.