Facebook Adds New ‘Care’ Emoji Reactions On Its Main App And In Messenger

Moving past the thumbs-up raises two big questions: Why seven reactions, & why these seven, specifically?

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Last Thursday, Facebook announced the highly anticipated expansion of its lượt thích button. The six emoji-alternatives, called “Reactions, ” give Facebook users a dramatically expanded palette of emotions, most of which amount lớn various shades of positivity.

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All those smiles don’t just work in Facebook’s favor, though; they work in yours as well.

FacebookLet’s first examine the reactions themselves. The “Like” icon is a recognizable thumb. The rest, from left khổng lồ right, have been dubbed “Love,” “Haha,” “Yay,” “Wow,” “Sad,” & “Anger,” và they probably look familiar, too. That’s because Facebook Reactions aren’t actually new at all. Rather, they are Facebook’s animated take on a handful of long-established Unicode emoji characters: “Haha” mimics “smiling face with open mouth & tightly closed eyes” (