Elevate là gì

These factors helped to lớn elevate the town to lớn the position of one of the most beautiful in the country.

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There is also a philosophical & moral respect for our ancestors, which elevates the character và improves the heart.
to lớn secure themselves in this elevated but unstable position they developed a dense network of marriage alliances among themselves.
They themselves stressed of course the professional capacities which elevated them above "uneducated working miners".
The apical plasma membrane of the rachis is elevated to size numerous microvilli-like projections into the lumen.
Personal appearance is the first area that must be mastered in order khổng lồ establish the new hierarchy elevating work over sloth.
Many centres immobilise their patients on a standard breast board, where both arms are elevated above the head.
Conversely, every 1 per cent cấp độ of satisfaction with government performance elevates the equilibrium màn chơi of regime satisfaction by 0.4 per cent.
The complications regarding the infants" health similarly bởi vì not seem to lớn be greatly elevated in frequency, và almost all are successfully treated.
In this case, elevated symptom experiences, as well as increased worry about prostate cancer at diagnosis, were significantly associated with both increased religiosity & spirituality.
Caring labor, it seems, may be elevated in cer tain ways by the dy ing person"s recognition of the carer.
The present study replicated & extended this paradigm, including individuals with elevated genetic risk for schizophrenia.

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Food-deprived animals have chronically elevated corticosterone levels compared with undeprived controls.
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