Ducky zero 3108 pbt blue led


Ducky keyboard has been around since the early days of mechanical keyboard “evolution” in Malaysia. My very first mechanical keyboard is, in fact, the Ducky DK9008 Shine II. It was then I started lớn fell deeper into the rabbit hole of the mechanical keyboard.

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What we have here today is the Ducky Zero DK2108 mechanical keyboard. It is the entry level model that Ducky introduced for those users who are looking khổng lồ own a mechanical keyboard at a lower price. Focusing on providing the essential mechanical keyboard features while maintaining the overall user experience.

Let’s find out if this keyboard has what it takes to lớn match its price tag of RM 339.

Ducky Zero DK2108 General Specifications

Cherry MX SwitchABS double shot keycaps


This particular unit we have comes with Cherry MX xanh switches.

I guess there are too many people thinking that mechanical keyboards are spill resistant.

In the box:

Ducky Zero DK2108 mechanical keyboardKeyboard coverUser manual và warranty card

The Ducky Zero DK2108 as the codename suggest it has 108 keys, including the 4 extra keys for calculator shortcut & volume control. It has minimal branding except for the Ducky Zero biệu tượng công ty at the spacebar. Love it or hate it, I personally think this is way better than the previous batch of Ducky Zero where the Windows hình ảnh sản phẩm is being replaced by the Duckling head.

In terms of the keyboard layout, we’re getting the standard ANSI layout in Malaysia market, which is great for keycap replacements. The legends, too, are kept with the standard font that looks professional and clean.

Rubber support at the cable khổng lồ prevent rubber tearing. The cable itself is reasonably thick & durable even if it might not be braided.

I personally not a fan hâm mộ of thick braided cables that is non-removable because they tend of fold up easily which in the end breaks the copper cable within.

Moving on to lớn the bottom of the keyboard and we’ll find that the thiết kế is even simpler. Nothing much is going on here with just the brand sticker at the middle và QC Pass sticker at one side.

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The feet provides around 5 degrees of elevation.



As usual, Ducky keycaps have the OEM profile with sculpted rows for typing ergonomics.

While we are not allowed khổng lồ cut open the keycaps khổng lồ show you, thankfully Ducky’s official YouTube channel has demonstrated the great key cap chất lượng they have.


Switches và Stabilisers

Ducky uses cherry style stabilisers for the long keys such as spacebar, shift, enter và backspace keys. Just like any other cherry stabilisers, the keys felt slightly mushier than the rest of the keys.


Function Keys

The FN key replaces the right Windows key.

Repeat delay time means the pause time in between each key repeat, meanwhile repeat rate means the speed of the key repeating itself when you press down a certain key.

I have no idea when we actually need this function except when you need lớn SPAM a key for prolonged period.

Just like the function mode, when you enable Windows lock and NKRO, the LED underneath it will light up.

Typing Sound

Final Words

I’ve been using this keyboard for over three weeks now và overall, I am not disappointed. Don’t be fooled by the term “entry level”, the Ducky Zero series basically has all the essential points that make it a great keyboard. First, the build quality is amazing with almost zero flex in the chassis which also contributes to the solid typing experience across the board. Second, the keycaps chất lượng absolutely crushes my initial expectation with its high-quality double-shot finish.

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My only personal complaint would be the use of non-removable USB cable on this keyboard. If you don’t change keyboard a lot, that feature is actually passable. Overall, this is a solid all-rounder keyboard that is suitable for those who are looking to purchase their first mechanical keyboard. At the price of RM 339, I think it is reasonably priced considering that you’re getting a keyboard with robust build quality.


Great build qualityDouble shot ABSGreat unique keycapsStandard ANSI layoutNo software neededGood value