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Windows Phone Notification Center, features, & more in leaked screenshots

There are a couple of screenshots trying to depict a certain Windows Phone Notification Center, & more. Check them out and let us know what you think.

nokia Lumia 920 Durability Report (Video)

We carried the hãng nokia Lumia 920 as our primary điện thoại for three months, without a case. Watch our đoạn phim to see how well it held up lớn scratches, scuffs, and the occasional faceplant.

Qi Wireless Charger Face-Off: nokia DT-900 vs. Energizer (Video)

Watch as we compare & contrast the hãng nokia DT-900 Wireless Charger and the Energizer Inductive Charger, both supporting the Qi standard.

India’s Lumia 920 Is A Veritable LTE Machine With Coverage On Nine Bands

Read about the hands-down fantastic frequency tư vấn on the Lumia 920 intended for the Indian market.

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Five Awesome “Lenses” for Your nokia Lumia’s Camera

Nokia và third các buổi party developers have used the Windows Phone 8 lens feature to create an array of enhancements for the Lumia smartphone. Read on for a tour of the đứng đầu five.

kiểm tra Out This Lumia 920 Exploded View and Teardown

Get a close-up look at all the hardware that goes into making up Nokia"s Lumia 920.

Sick Of Waiting For The Lumia 920? nokia Wants You to Make Your Own

Get the template you"ll need to lớn assemble your own papercraft Lumia 920.

Three Ways Embedded Memory Beats Removable Memory

Some new smartphones, like the điện thoại htc Windows Phone 8X và Nokia Lumia 920, are ditching expandable memory for embedded storage. Read on for three reasons why that"s not the kết thúc of the world.

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The 10kiem.vn Weekly Podcast, Episode 009

An iPhone 5, a new family of nokia Lumias, và a triad of fresh Motorola Droid RAZRs. No, it"s not your wish list; it"s episode 009 of the 10kiem.vn Weekly podcast. Put your ears on it ... Right now.

Is Nokia’s kinh doanh Misleading?

Is Nokia"s sale ad for the "PureView" Lumia 920 misleading? kiểm tra this out & let us know!