Most of the users are unaware of .DS_Store files until they find it themselves someday. These files are always hidden in your system folders & working to lớn maintain the display settings of that specific folder for the user. However, you can find the existence of these files by viewing hidden files or using Terminal to danh mục all files in folder/directory. Also if you’re sharing with a Windows PC, you will see these files in every folder and also on Desktop. In this article, we will tell you all about .DS_Store files and how to remove them from your system.

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.DS_Store file

What are .DS_Store Files in macOS?

The .DS_Store files (DS stands for Desktop Services) are automatically generated in your macOS. They contain information about how to lớn display folders when the user opens them. These files are created by macOS Finder lớn save the information about icons position, kích cỡ and position of the window when it was last time opened on the system. You can easily find these files through Terminal by command as shown below:

sudo ls

Checking .DS_Store files in TerminalNote: The simple “ls” command will only show the files & folders but with sudo you will be able khổng lồ see all the hidden and invisible system files.

.DS_Store tệp tin acts similar to Thumb.db, which is created automatically in Windows OS for every folder. When users copy a folder from macOS to Windows, this file will become visible.

Consequences of removing .DS_Store from macOS

.DS_Store files don’t cause any harm & take very little space in your system’s storage. But sharing files with Windows OS or uploading on OneDrive will result in failure & cause the problem for most of the users. Other than that, there is no performance benefit in deleting these files và it is best lớn leave them as it is. When the user happens lớn delete this tệp tin then the appearance of the folder will revert lớn the mặc định preferences.

Method 1: Deleting .DS_Store Files for Specific thư mục through Terminal

Hold Command và Press Space to mở cửa Spotlight, type Terminal to tìm kiếm and EnterOpening Terminal through SpotlightChange the directory khổng lồ the folder from which you want khổng lồ delete .DS_Store files by using the command:

cd desktop(Change desktop to the path which you want lớn access)Now type the following command lớn delete all the .DS_Store files in the current directory:find . –name ".DS_Store" –type f –deleteNote: You can type –print at the over of the command khổng lồ print deleted files list as shown below.

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Deleting .DS_Store files from a specific directoryFiles will be deleted in the following thư mục and it will be safe khổng lồ transfer without any errors.

Method 2: Removing .DS_Store Files for all Folders on System through Terminal

Hold Command and Press Space to xuất hiện Spotlight, type Terminal to tìm kiếm and Enter
Opening Terminal through SpotlightUse this command lớn remove all the .DS_Store files from the system:

sudo find / -name ".DS_Store" –depth –exec rm ;

Removing it from all directoriesAll the .DS_Store files on the system will be removed but it will be generated for most of the folders which user or system will access.

Method 3: Cleaning .DS_Store Files by using iMyMac Cleaner

iMyMac is a cleaning tool for macOS which scans all your system for junk and inactive files. By cleaning these files, the user can save storage space & keep the system performance better. This is similar lớn the CCleaner on Windows, helping you removing junk files & clearing the browser cache data for users. IMyMac toolkit provides more features, like duplicate finder, mac uninstaller, file shredder, và extensions manager. We will use this utility to lớn clean the .DS_Store files.

Hold Command and Press Space to open Spotlight, type iMyMac to search and Enter to open the application
Opening iMyMac through SpotlightClick the Scan button on the main screen of iMyMac
iMyMac Scanning SystemAfter the scan is done, click Review option next lớn the Junk Files
Reviewing the files found after ScanYou can locate the .DS_Store file & click on Clean button.

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But sometimes there are .DS_Store files inside the cache folders or others as shown below in Terminal:
Cleaning .DS_Store files in iMyMacAll the selected .DS_Store files or folders containing these files will be cleaned by iMyMac.
Cleaned the junk files