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Sun 10th Apr 2022

From what I understand, Ultra Instinct Goku is already in the game, so that header isn"t entirely correct.

This Sign variant is apparently a less powerful và less stable variant in which Goku keeps his original hair colour.

That said... That"s a lot of Goku in this game.


Sun 10th Apr 2022

Not khổng lồ mention it"s winner from that Vote, but at least it has new Skills lớn make it worth it lượt thích other Characters re-skins are.


Sun 10th Apr 2022

probably the worst outcome from the vote but the most predictable, here"s hoping they shadowdrop some of the other, more interesting characters in with his dlc

Sun 10th Apr 2022

I don’t even know what to say to lớn this, it’s just pre UI Goku.

I get the series is meant lớn have all these characters, and I haven’t played in a wile, but I always will prefer quality over quantity.

And at this point they just throw in the slightest difference in a character in make it paid dlc. & I know it’s voted for, but the fact that it was an option, of course it would win. Yên ổn actually really surprised despo isn’t in the trò chơi by now with all the dlc fighters they have, so just who have they been adding? The fourth Kefla? (Jk) This is an opinion and lượt thích I said I haven’t played in a good wile, so for all I know all the dlc characters are really well designed.

Xiovanni, ew, why?

I can understand that more Goku is pretty boring, but aside from the main antagonists like Hit & Jiren, there"s no appeal khổng lồ most of the new characters added to lớn Super"s tournament arcs, especially the "tournament of power" where they had lớn come up with so many characters they just kinda threw them together. The Trio of Danger feels like random OC furries at worst, or mooks that would have been one shot during the tournament prelims (back in the OG Dragon Ball) at best, & none of the other new tournament characters fare much better.

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RR529 Basil has his foot energy balls, lavender has his DOT poison attacks and Bergamo absorbs his opponents power khổng lồ use against them.

Way more interesting than adding another Goku that"s just one of the forms already in the trò chơi before he mastered it.

Sun 10th Apr 2022

Alright, so I"ve never played a rồng ball game, but might consider getting this one because it"s on offer in the eshop for $10. Is this a good deal?

Sun 10th Apr 2022

As I said it"s Vote winner, YouTubers và my friends Voted for Dyspo or Bergamo, I voted for Dyspo myself, but all YouTubers và my friends mentioned that there is 99+% chance that in the kết thúc Goku re-skin will win, so blame those who voted for it instead voting for other 4 choices from that Vote.

RR529 I feel like Super’s existence is so they have more material for games & that’s why it’s full of characters that fill niches và a whole roster of jobbers, the way power scaling is handled also is a benefit khổng lồ games

kirbysupremacy If you won’t really care for the dlc, then yeah it’s more then worth the price! But you vì have to lượt thích db games, so it might not click with you.

Axecon Because people continue khổng lồ toss money at every slight variation "character" they crank out as DLC. So they might as well add another hundred.

SteamEngenius Kinda sad. Especially considering there are like 4 newer DBZ games out that are no longer supported

Axecon the trò chơi reached a similar situation Smash did, there was no point in releasing a Xenoverse 3 when they could just build upon the foundation, the existing second one which is not necessarily a bad thing. It"s better than buying Revisions lượt thích in the good ol" days of street fighters where you had khổng lồ buy the trò chơi all over again lớn see the new stuff, now i guess it"s just too big lớn justify migrating everything lớn a new one. Lớn make a Xenoverse 3 they would have to lớn cut content out. The trò chơi will die eventually it won"t last forever but i"ve never seen a rồng ball game lasting this long, i guess it deserves it"s praises for that at least.

icomma even over Bergamo as well, but true dragon Ball fans and people who knows how people minds works knew that in the kết thúc most votes will go for that re-skin due multiple factors. First factor is nostalgic và main protagonist, second factor is voting system và it was first option in that system.

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Mon 11th Apr 2022

How many versions of Goku are there for Hylia’s sake. This is part of the reason I can’t take Dragonball seriously.