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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 shows the Saiyans are worried và wondering if the enemies are trying lớn attaông xã them. Image Credit: Twitter / Dragon Ball Super Country: nhật bản SHARE The Japanese anime và manga series, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 is the upcoming installment, & fans throughout the world are eagerly waiting for it. The fighting between Granolah & the two Saiyans will continue in Chapter 74 of Dragon Ball Super.

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The upcoming Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 will be another action-packed chapter, và showcase both Vegeta and Granolah"s powers. Vegeta will probably continue to lớn mochồng Granolah. The upcoming chapter might also reveal more about Granolah"s past. Perhaps Granolah will be so furious that he will unleash more power against the Saiyan Prince, who will most likely also show off the hidden powers he unlocked after training with Beerus, reported Epicstream.


The Japanese manga, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 would also reveal a new era of Freeza, who could be the most powerful villain. The spoilers for the upcoming chapter will be out around the week before its release. The manga Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 title, summary, & other details will be updated as soon as the leaks are verified and translated inkhổng lồ English. Let"s get a quiông chồng recap of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 shows the Saiyans are worried & wondering if the enemies are trying khổng lồ attack them. Vegeta asks Goku lớn locate the bad guys. He enters inlớn Super Saiyan mode khổng lồ find out the enemies. They couldn"t find any enemy in the sky. Then they come down. They find the bad guy on the ground when they come down. And Goku attacks Kamehameha.

Vegeta asks Goku to lớn believe sầu more on his mind instead of on his Ultra Instinct. Goku agrees and finally finds the enemy, named Granolah. The fight begins. After some time, Granolah realizes that the two Saiyans are stronger than him.

The fighting will continue in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74. It will reveal the powers of the strongest man in the Saiyan and the universe. Vegeta, the prince of Saiyan would take special training khổng lồ face the most powerful person on the planet. It"s now his turn to make some tricks against the enemy.

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Furthermore, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 introduces a mysterious sniper to lớn defeat Moro, và he is bad blood in the Saiyans race. According khổng lồ Freeza"s order, the warrior destroys most of his people in the battle.

Granolah is ready to take revenge but the attacking plan is mapped by the Heeters, a thuggish organization. The Heeters want to take down Freeza & also want Saiyans và Granolah khổng lồ kill each other in the fight.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 is scheduled lớn release on Tuesday, July 20, 2021. The raw scans for the manga chapter will be leaked online around one to three days before the release.

Fans can also follow the scan, which comes out one to lớn two days before the official release of any manga chapters. We will keep on updating the spoilers, leak, và the summary of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 when the manga raws or drafts are verified and translated inlớn English. It will be available in English và Spanish through both website và điện thoại applications.

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You can read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 on VIZ media, MangaPlus, & Shonen Jump"s official websites and platforms. Stay tuned to to lớn get the lachạy thử updates on the imminent chapter.

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