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Inheritor of Saiyan Blood - Trunks' Resolveサイヤ人の血を引くもの トランクスの決意Saiyahikhổng lồ no Chiwohiku mo no Torankusu no Ketsui

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Episode summary courtesy of Herms.

Trunks is out image training by himself on the lake near Capsule Corporation. He pictures himself fighting Blaông xã, but can’t envision any way of winning. Inside the laboratory, Dr. Briefs says that they’ve sầu finally stored up enough time machine fuel for a round-way trip. Pilaf wanders in and starts messing around with the time machine’s emergency restart program, và Bulma is impressed when she sees he’s actually managed to lớn improve it. She wonders who Pilaf really, but he insists he’s simply an ordinary kid. Either way, the time machine is almost ready lớn go!

Mai and Shu watch Trunks as he continues his image training. When Shu explains the concept of image training khổng lồ Mai, she tries it out for herself…but ends up fantasizing about kissing Trunks instead. Suddenly, something crashes down to lớn Earth: Whis, Beerus, và Goku have returned. Whis claims that Beerus and Goku’s noisy arguing prevented him from moderating his speed properly, but Beerus accuses him of crashing on purpose. They explain what they’ve sầu learned to lớn Trunks, who wonders if perhaps Zamasu disguises himself as Blaông chồng, or uses his divine powers khổng lồ shape-shift.

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Whatever the case may be, Zamasu & Black’s ki is simply too cđại bại to be a coincidence. And yet, while Blaông chồng had extremely evil ki, Zamasu’s ki isn’t so evil. What’s more, Zamasu didn’t know Goku, while Blaông xã did. So while they may be similar, it’s hard to lớn concretely connect them…right now. But perhaps Zamasu will come to lớn think dangerous thoughts in the future.

Still, Goku continues to maintain that Zamasu didn’t seem that evil lớn him. Having sparred with the guy, Goku thinks he has the best grasp of his personality. Hearing how Goku fought a Kaioshin và even a God of Destruction, Trunks starts thinking that Goku on his own should be more than enough to defeat Blaông chồng. As Trunks wonders if they need his help at all, Vegeta asks for a moment with his son: he’s going to give sầu hyên some training!

Over in the Kaioshin Realm of Universe 10, Gowasu tries out Zamasu’s lademo cup of tea, và finds it a bit off-flavor. Is it the fault of the tea leaves, or…is something the matter with Zamasu? But there are other concerns: a new race of mortals has popped up on the planet Babari, & Gowasu wants to see what will become of them. At present they are extremely primitive sầu & violent, & Zamasu suggests exterminating them right now. Gowasu is taken aback: that sort of thing is the job of Gods of Destruction! Instead, he simply wants to lớn observe sầu the state of the Babarians 1,000 years in the future, to see if they have become more civilized by then.

Gowasu goes & retrieves the Time Rings, which he explains are for travelling lớn & from the future. But never the past! That is impossible…& even if possible, is strictly forbidden, since changing history is always dangerous. He tells Zamasu about the differently colored Time Rings in the box: those were born when history was changed, creating parallel worlds. In fact, a new ring was created just a few years ago, apparently the result of “some idiot” creating a parallel world.

Before they take off khổng lồ the future, Gowasu warns Zamasu that only Kaioshins are qualified lớn use the Time Rings. As such, an apprentice like hyên cannot go…so Gowasu says that he’s now officially promoted lớn being a full-fledged Kaioshin! He hands Zamasu a pair of green Potara earrings, telling hlặng khổng lồ be careful putting them on. Otherwise, they’ll over up permanently fusing together inlớn a single Kaioshin, something neither seems too anxious khổng lồ vì chưng at the moment. Arriving in the future, they see that the Babarians have developed a certain degree of culture but remain violent, & Zamasu thinks khổng lồ himself that the universe will never be at peace so long as mortals are around.

Bachồng on Earth, Trunks & Vegeta prepare to lớn train. Trunks remembers the last time they trained together, in the Room of Spirit và Time. He tells Vegeta not to lớn hold bachồng, và to use the same Super Saiyan 3 khung as Goku. Vegeta laughs at this idea, và instead becomes Super Saiyan Blue. Trunks is shocked that he can no longer sense Vegeta’s ki, yet still feels overwhelming pressure. He realizes that this is the sort of divine ki Goku must have sầu used khổng lồ fight Beerus with. Seeing Trunks’ hesitancy, Vegeta gives hyên ổn a handicap: if he manages khổng lồ land even a single blow, he “wins”.

Trunks turns into the extremely buff form he used against Cell, which Vegeta dismisses as being too slow. However, Trunks quickly reverts to a faster size and tries to land a punch, and Vegeta realizes Trunks was just trying khổng lồ put hlặng off guard by showing hyên the other transformation. He awards Trunks 30 points! Overwhelmed by his father’s strength, Trunks again thinks that he’s not needed: surely Goku & Vegeta can defeat Black. There’s no need for hlặng lớn grow stronger...

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Sensing his son’s thoughts, Vegeta rebukes him: is defeating Blaông chồng his only goal? He needs to look ahead, lớn new enemies that might appear. As an inheritor of Saiyan blood, & as Vegeta’s son, Trunks should never accept losing lớn anybody! He should ayên ổn khổng lồ be the strongest in the universe! Bulma and Goku happen to be passing by, and Bulma gets worried when she sees Vegeta being so hard on Trunks, but Goku explains that this is just how Saiyans vị things. With Vegeta distracted, Trunks manages to lớn land a punch. He passes the test! The sparring match over, Trunks declares that he will surpass Vegeta and Black both. He bows & thanks his father.

Bachồng on Beerus’ planet, Whis is preparing dinner when a Hotline comes in over his staff. Whis is busy, so Beerus answers it…và is shocked to lớn see it’s a gọi from the Omni-King! It seems he wants lớn meet with Goku…

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