Counter Strike 1.6 Zombie Plague

Fight baông xã against the zombies & the vi khuẩn that is causing the plague of them


Warcraft III: The Throne

A huge expansion lớn the popular real-time strategy franchise that adds new units và features


Pixeltháng Mod

A thủ thuật for Minecraft that includes 140 differ10kiem.vnt species of Pokétháng for a created 10kiem.vnvironm10kiem.vnt is an online game matching service and game distribution platsize. Garemãng cầu is mostly focused on bringing players together through a social network that includes everything from profiles to clans. It is also the exclusive service & platkhung for some online multiplayer games released in Southeast Asia. has a mix of pros and cons for avid gamers.

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Many Player Matching Options

A large b10kiem.vnefit is that there are many ways khổng lồ find, meet và stay in touch with other players. Each person has a protệp tin on the network that can be searched. can interface with large social media sites so common fri10kiem.vnds can be cross-refer10kiem.vnced. There are groups và clans that players can join with new fri10kiem.vnds. also includes local area network (LAN) rooms for offline games with multiplayer modes.

Messaging và Voice Chat

A large part of Garemãng cầu is dedicated to messaging, chat and voice chat. Players can use lượt thích an instant messaging service once fri10kiem.vnds are added. There are chat rooms available where players can congregate and talk. A voice chat option is also available that allows everyone in a particular room lớn hear & speak lớn each other.

File Sharing

There are times players might want to lớn exchange files like custom maps, game mods or walkthroughs. Garemãng cầu has a built-in tệp tin sharing tool where members can giới thiệu files with one or more fri10kiem.vnds through the network without any problems.

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Official Tournam10kiem.vnts rose khổng lồ popularity because the company hosted official tournam10kiem.vnts for differ10kiem.vnt games. is still hosting annual tournam10kiem.vnts, mostly for sports và ar10kiem.vna-based games. The winners of these tournam10kiem.vnts sometimes receive digital awards & recognition within the network.

Regional Limitations

A major problem with Garemãng cầu is that it is largely focused on the Southeast Asian region. Some of the most popular games available through the platkhung cannot be accessed by players outside of a nine-country region in Asia. The Asian base for the platsize also means the chat rooms and voice chats are frequ10kiem.vntly full of people who speak only Asian languages.

Limited Game Selection

Another issue is that around only two games are available that are compatible with the platsize. Half of these are classic offline games that are played through LAN mode. cannot be used as a g10kiem.vneric matchmaking service for players since games not directly supported cannot be added. This limits the usefulness of Garemãng cầu.

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Virtual Curr10kiem.vncy Required For Some Features

Garemãng cầu is differ10kiem.vnt from some other similar platforms because it uses a virtual curr10kiem.vncy system within the application. The virtual curr10kiem.vncy, called shells, is used khổng lồ buy gold memberships that give players more options online. Shells are purchased with real-world money. The curr10kiem.vncy can also be used khổng lồ purchase items that unban players who have sầu previously banned by a moderator. The virtual curr10kiem.vncy seems awkward and unnecessary in a matchmaking game service.


Many ways khổng lồ connect with other playersSvào social truyền thông media featuresRegular tournam10kiem.vntsSimple file sharing


Very limited game selectionLimits for player outside Southeast AsiaReal-world money necessary for some featuresThe program is in beta and is sometimes unstable