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The rank system in Dota tự động Chess is composed of six main ranks: the MMR range goes from 0 to lớn 3,400. The first 4 ranks are split into 9 sub-ranks.

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Data và API

The developers have not shared yet precise info on the rank distribution in Dota tự động hóa Chess, but through an API it is possible lớn find out all the rank names và the MMR range required for each one.

The following data has been displayed on a few public forums. I have not used the API personally, and I suggest to lớn not utilize it: even if it is accessible by anyone who knows the IP, it is still something hosted on a remote hệ thống that belongs to the devs. I believe they might obscure or protect it in the coming days or weeks.

In the update released on February 2nd, they explained that they are trying lớn “prevent different kinds of hackers from attacking”, so openly explaining how to access their API và servers would be detrimental to their efforts.

Hopefully, in the future they will provide us players with a legitimate public API to lớn gather info on the matchmaking.

“I will update this article in the following months if we will have more news on anything related khổng lồ the auto Chess rank distribution.”
Season 0 - Mystery

April 2019

Drodo Studio announced that each tự động hóa Chess season will have a duration of two months.

The inaugural season 0 “Mystery” lasted from January 1st to April 30th.

The upcoming season 1 “Cancer” will take place from May 1st to lớn June 30th.

At the over of each season, all the players will be rewarded with a candy prize depending on their placement. It is still not clear if they will consider the highest achieved rank or the current one when the season ends, but - IMO - looking at the patch notes on the chạy thử server, it is safe khổng lồ assume that they may use the former.

Update: the game considered your current rank.

Season 0 prizes

Queen: 320 candies và a BlingBling Crown

King: 320 candies

Rook: 160 candies

Bishop: 80 candies

Knight: 40 candies

Pawn: đôi mươi candies

Queen hard cap

There is still no official information on the matter, but about a day after the season announcement, the number of Queen player has been hard capped lớn 10k globally. The remaining players have been deranked to lớn King.

I believe it might be a move to limit the number of players who will receive the Queen reward.

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March 2019


Rank Percentage Rank Percentage Rank Percentage
Pawn 1 0.03% Knight 5 8.39% Bishop 9 0.07%
Pawn 2 0.13% Knight 6 7.26% Rook 1 0.11%
Pawn 3 0.43% Knight 7 5.78% Rook 2 0.05%
Pawn 4 0.98% Knight 8 4.24% Rook 3 0.04%
Pawn 5 1.72% Knight 9 2.86% Rook 4 0.03%
Pawn 6 2.61% Bishop 1 2.17% Rook 5 0.02%
Pawn 7 3.70% Bishop 2 1.21% Rook 6 0.02%
Pawn 8 4.96% Bishop 3 0.71% Rook 7 0.01%
Pawn 9 6.31% Bishop 4 0.41% Rook 8 0.01%
Knight 1 7.58% Bishop 5 0.27% Rook 9 0.01%
Knight 2 8.62% Bishop 6 0.18% King 0.010%
Knight 3 9.13% Bishop 7 0.13% Queen 0.043%
Knight 4 9.05% Bishop 8 0.09%

This rank distribution is based on around 3 million players who have played at least one game since February. The data considers all regions & servers, & it has been shared by the Chinese trang web YD.

A summary of the data

The player base in Dota auto Chess is well-distributed if we consider this game is only a mod.

Knight 4 is the average rank, & it goes from the 45 khổng lồ the 54 percentile. I believe most of the players are ranked at Knight also because of the current matchmaking system, which is totally randomized.

Reaching Bishop in pubs is possible, but going past Bishop 3-4 is extremelyhard via the standard matchmaking. You should take part in private lobbies khổng lồ increase your rank and train your skills.

The elite is placed at Rook & above as these ranks contain just 0.355% of the entire population.

I know that the devs have basically no control on the matchmaking due lớn how the Dota 2 mods work, but I hope that a future collaboration between them & Valve may improve the current system.


Pawn: 20.28%

Knight: 62.93%

Bishop: 5.246%

Rook: 0.302%

King: 0.010%

Queen: 0.043%

Unknown: 10.60%

February 2019

The rank system

In auto Chess there are six main ranks: Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, King, và Queen. We do not have exact info on the player base distribution, but from personal experience I believe most of the players are placed at Knight và probably in the lower area of Bishop.

In order khổng lồ achieve a better rank it is necessary to fight at least equally strong players, but the automatic matchmaking is very limited, so you will find mostly Knights in your games. For this reason, many Bishops tend khổng lồ organize private lobbies.

The first 4 ranks are divided into 9 sub-ranks, and each one is indicated in the API with a certain level, for a total of 38.

The MMR section in the table shows the MMR range needed to lớn acquire a specific rank.

I don’t know if there are already King và Queen players in the game, but 3,400 is the maximum numerical score attainable at the moment.

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How to check your MMR

The previously mentioned API also provides info on your personal account. Using your steam ID number you can check several data such as the number of candies and matches played, the ID of your last match & the hệ thống where it took place, your level, và the MMR score.