Dragon knight counters, synergies and tips


Best long Knight build guides for Dota 2 2022. I works hard to lớn keep my’s Dota 2 builds và guides updated, and will help you craft the best rồng Knight build for the meta. Learn more about long Knight’s abilities, Items, combo and Counter.

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Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight’s Pros and Cons


Instant cast animations.Strongsplashdamage.Great at pushing.High health regeneration.Heavy armor against physical attacks.


Very dependent on his ultimate.Low damage output đầu ra compared khổng lồ other carries.

Dragon Knight Items build


Quelling Blade
Gauntlets of Strength
Iron Branch
Soul Ring
Magic Wand
Power Treads
Armlet of MordiggianBlack King BarBlink DaggerSange and Yasha
Armlet of MordiggianBlack King BarBlink DaggerSange & Yasha
Aghanim’s Scepter
Assault Cuirass

Unleashes a breath of fire in front of long Knight that burns enemies & reduces the damage their attacks deal.



Dragon Knight smites an enemy unit in melee range with his shield, stunning it while dealing minor damage. When in Elder long Form, the cast range increases lớn 400.



Dragon Knight takes the form of one of three powerful elder dragons, increasing his speed, and Dragon Tail’s range, while granting him new powers. Level 1 Green long – Corrosive Breath: attacks khuyến mãi 20 poison damage per second for 5.0 seconds. Works on structures. Level 2 Red long – Splash Attack: attacks damage all enemy units in a 350 radius for 75% damage, with Corrosive Breath added to the targets. Cấp độ 3 xanh Dragon – Frost Breath: slows movement tốc độ by -40% and attack speed by -40 of enemy units in Splash Attack range for 3.0 seconds, with Corrosive Breath added to the targets.



Ignites a 450 AoE area for 10.0 seconds, dealing 60 damage per second that lingers for 2.0 seconds to lớn enemies in it. Has reduced cast range when melee.



Increases the level of rồng Knight’s ultimate. Adds a 4th level, đen Dragon. Black Dragon has bonus Corrosive Damage, Splash Damage và Slow amount, 20% increased Magic Resistance and không lấy phí pathing

Dragon Knight’s Skill Order

Combo rồng Knight

Dragon Knight’s Tips và tricks

Dragon Knight is one of the few heroes with no cast time on his abilities, so abilities can be cast in between attacks on the backswing animation.

Dragon Knight has a quick, clean attack animation, making last hitting fairly easy (especially with aQuelling Blade).

Creep stackingis a good tactic for rồng Knight, as his ultimate will clear camps quickly.

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With any source oflifestealand mana sustain, such as withSoul RingorBottle, long Knight rarely needs lớn return to lớn thefountain.

In the early game, enemy teams may choose khổng lồ ignore long Knight during teamfights, due to his low damage.

Like several other carries, long Knight relies heavily onBlack King Barto keep himself from being disabled in teamfights.

Dragon Knight’s công trình build varies depending on what he’s facing. Good players must analyze enemies’ items to make an informed decision.

Despite being tanky againstphysical damage, dragon Knight has no defenses againstmagicalandpure damage.

Dragon Knight is able to lớn be usefull in every core-role with his defensive và offensive abilities (Position 4 also possible, but not usual). Only which items you focus and buy will give him a specific role.

Counter dragon Knight

Bad against:

Ancient Apparition
Drow Ranger

Good against:

Nyx Assassin

Dragon Knight’s Lore

After years on the trail of a legendary Eldwurm, the Knight Davion found himself facing a disappointing foe: the dreaded Slyrak had grown ancient và frail, its wings tattered, its few remaining scales stricken with scale-rot, its fangs ground lớn nubs, và its fire-gouts no more threatening than a pack of wet matchsticks.

Seeing no honor lớn be gained in dragon-murder, Knight Davion prepared to turn away và leave his old foe lớn die in peace. But a voice crept into his thoughts, & Slyrak gave a whispered plea that Davion might honor him with death in combat. Davion agreed, và found himself rewarded beyond expectation for his act of mercy: As he sank his blade in Slyrak’s breast, the dragon pierced Davion’s throat with a talon. As their blood mingled, Slyrak sent his nguồn out along the Blood Route, sending all its strength & centuries of wisdom khổng lồ the knight. The dragon’s death sealed their bond và Dragon Knight was born. The ancient power nguồn slumbers in the rồng Knight Davion, waking when he calls it. Or perhaps it is the dragon that calls the Knight…

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