With the coming of March, we"re welcomed with another patch for Dota -the continuation of the series 7.10. Unlượt thích 7.09 which emphasizes more to lớn gameplay changes (anyone remember the morning when they realized couriers were much cheaper?) the titular 7.10 focuses more on heroes talent changes. Some changes were deemed an exaggeration to an already imbalanced ability (I"ll get back to lớn that later), whereas others are mostly minor changes in levels or stats.

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After two patches, we"re finally welcomed with Dark Willow in Captain"s Mode (sorry guys, techies is still unavailable). However, the new character"s release partner, Pangolier, has yet lớn see the light of day in Captain"s Mode. Is this due lớn Dark Willow having the higher win rate overall? With Dark Willow having reached the balance rate of 50.84%, 4% more than Pango, our handsome backstabbing pangolin, does this make her a better candidate in Captain"s Mode? Honestly, that"s up khổng lồ Valve.

(Be reminded Monkey King took around 3 months before getting back into Captain"s Mode, and we rethành viên how broken he was when he first arrived)

Next, bounty runes are slightly altered, giving 60 gold after the first rune instead of the original 50. Unfortunately, they no longer give sầu XPhường và as trivial as it sounds, it is a disability for tư vấn players & roamers alike as they would depkết thúc on runes especially when lacking down in levels early on. This blows an even bigger setbaông xã khổng lồ roamers, who either had khổng lồ leave the lane for support, or let the core soak up most of the XPhường. There is a small silver lining however - Tome of Knowledge now gives out 700 (an extra 200) from the previous version and it asks us the question - "is the 150 gold worth it?" 

Randoming now also provide you with a Faerie Fire instead of a branch. It may be insignificant but statistically, Faerie Fire gives out the better starting provision with it giving +2 damage compared lớn +1 damage of the branch & the ability lớn instantly restore your health by 85 hp. That extra HPhường is the difference between a dead pangolin, & a living, escaping pangolin. Small note, there are now 12 bonus heroes (4 in each attribute), which won"t change the gameplay much other than having an extra mango. 


Not much to lớn talk about here with Aeon Disk being the only major thành tích having 10 ten seconds reduction in cooldown and Monkey King Bar now procs with a sound effect (lớn announce a successful hit). 

Soul ring, an thành công that may have sầu been the very first build of major nukers ingame received an increase of đôi mươi gold -now, 170. Our courier also gained a tiny tốc độ bonus with the flying courier flying at over 460 movetốc độ, 10 more than the previous patch.

 The thành quả that gained the most attention in 7.10 might have sầu been the ones on the bottom of things, -the boots. 


(Yes, this)

Boots of Speed are now 500 gold & if you"ve sầu been with Dota for a long enough time, you"ll know this is bachồng lớn the original price. Its tốc độ, alongside Phase Boots and Power Treads are also increased albeit slightly from 40 lớn 50, 45 to 50 và 45 lớn 50 respectively.


Yes. Now here where it gets interesting. First, there are more heroes getting buffed - over triple the numbers of those who were slightly nerfed. This report will focus more on those who received a major buff, nerf or visual rework. Talking about every small change would take days sadly, this is after all, a short overview. You can read the whole patch notes over at 7.10!

Abaddon"s màn chơi trăng tròn cooldown talent has been increased khổng lồ 20% percent. This means at max cấp độ in accordance lớn skill, Mist Coil will have a 3.6 second cooldown, with Aphotic Shield 4.8, và Borrowed Time with a 32 second cooldown. A reduction of 8 seconds from 40s if you decided on the +90 damage instead. Equipped with an Octarine Vi xử lý Core, Abaddon will now be armed with a staggering 24 seconds cooldown on his ultimate. (2.7s on 1st, và 3.6s on 2nd skill).

Alchemist"s cấp độ đôi mươi cleave talent has been increased khổng lồ 30% from 25%. As a heavy farming player, having a sengươi Battle Fury to lớn what may already be a Radiance equipped Alchemist (at màn chơi 20) would only increase the rate of farm & most likely be a decisive sầu increase in utility usage (catching up in a losing lane/game or whatnot.) Remember seeing an out-of-nowhere 6-slotted Alchemist ganking? We all vày.

Anti-Mage has received a swap instead of a rework. Like before, his talents were simply buffed and swapped out. Take note that these skills were already considered an imbalance/annoyance from the beginning, with these updates, they are sure to give sầu you either a good or hard time.

His màn chơi 15 talent now is a +400-blinks cast range, swapped with the level trăng tròn talent of -2.5 seconds blinks reduction. (AM"s bliên kết received an additional 100 cast range & 0.5s blink reduction) With 1550 range at max he has the highest non-targeting bliên kết range (he would be the 2nd, if Riki"s 1700 range Blinks Strike is included) Now, try catching that. 

Ancient Apparition"s màn chơi 25 talent of what used lớn be 4 charges of Cold Feet is now changed to lớn 900 AoE Cold Feet. Some would argue that the ability to spam is better than having one big AoE skill. Cooldown-wise, yes, the charges work better but I would try to not be skeptical about it as 900 AoE is a huge area. In a successful teamfight, getting a 5-man Cold Feet is no longer a dream. 

Arc Warden got a rather advanced swap. His level 20"s 10% cooldown reduction is reduced to lớn 8%, but, it is moved to lớn cấp độ 10. That"s a 10-cấp độ jump with the cost of 2%! 

This gives a better question khổng lồ players; would you take the cooldown reduction, or would you rather take the +25 attack speed? His original was changed (+5 armor) as the usage of Magnetic Field simply voided it (yes, 90% of players would opt the attack tốc độ but what about now? Would you?) 

Bloodseeker did not have any rework in terms of talent. He does, however, get a nostalgic blast from the past. With Bloodrage on, he would still receive sầu a portion (50%) of the heal if he did not successfully land the last hit to lớn a dying anh hùng. Just like the old times -almost.

Clinkz at cấp độ 15 now receives a generous increase of +20% evasion contesting the +30 Searing Arrows damage. Does it staông xã well? Will it prove to be a useful talent, or another overlooked skill? Before the patch, Clinkz does, in fact, come with 15% evasions at the same talent tree, however, it was rarely picked due lớn the overwhelming damage of the +30 SA damage. Statistically, the +30 damage has an 89.4% pick rate on a normal game of Clinkz - almost 90%. Why is it so? Well, in the hands of a capable player, Clinkz serves as a hunting anh hùng. His Skeleton Walk allows hyên to have an 18-second leeway in between roaming (to lớn break invisibility & return when needed). Having met a target, he could simply break invisibility, shoots an unsuspecting enemy anh hùng, và finishes it just enough before reinforcement arrives. At cấp độ 15, an okay-farmed Clinkz would most likely have a Desolator in hand & maxed out skills. Having -6 armor + 50 damage + 90 damage from Searing Arrows, Clinkz would be able khổng lồ throw a massive sầu 1300+ damage in the whole duration of Strafe (3s) khổng lồ an enemy with 0 armor. *Coughs* Tiny *Coughs* Supports. 

So, I"m not saying the 20% evasion doesn"t work but, better luông chồng next time Valve sầu, the Searing Arrows stays.

Crystal Maiden Lion are now richer. At cấp độ 15, they get a bonus of +120 Gold/Min compared lớn the measly +90.

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Dragon Knight is one of the victims of 7.10. From what lớn be a massive sầu tăng cấp of +30 attaông xã tốc độ at màn chơi 10 is now changed to lớn -20% Breathe Fire Damage Reduction. 

Let"s not get too sad at first. DK may have sầu been nerfed in terms of his attacking capability but defensive-wise he still is a very tanky hero. Since Breathe Fire"s damage reduction is stagnant throughout the whole game, having only one point in it is a healthy investment (Pun intended) as it allows you to lớn reduce the opposing team"s attacking power. Yes, the skill serves also as an AoE nuke và wave sầu clear but with this patch, at level 10, he is one of the very few heroes who is capable of reducing almost half (45%) of the enemies" incoming damage. He might as well staông xã up a bunch of tangoes & stvà behind enemy towers next.

Or you could always take the mamãng cầu reren. (Please don"t)

Side note. Gyrocopter"s Flak Cannon now has a better effect in-game. Go try it out now! 


Lion again. Yes. His Mana Drain now has better slow with a max of 25% slow during mamãng cầu drain, decent but that"s not why his name came up twice on this các mục. Lion, like many other magic dealers before hyên, had always had a history of being a well-respected core. Yes, he has been nerfed và buffed & nerfed & back but today, he received what may be a blessing.

A +90 damage talent at màn chơi 10. Yes, 10. That"s two không tính phí Demon Edge at cấp độ 10. That extra cast range may look nice, but no, don"t get it, get the damage instead, kill some enemies & farm an Aether instead. You"ll have the money later either way (+120 GPM). Make a Vlad, or even a MoM if you want khổng lồ be nostalgic, onwards toward the midlane, dominate, rule, & just laser anyone in your way. (I would lượt thích to avoid his skill"s name as it would arouse innuendo)

Luna at cấp độ 15 now can opt for either a +24 Lunar Blessing Damage or a 2-second cd on Lucent Beam. Physical vs Magic. Same old same old.Magnus"s cấp độ 25 talent got increased to 1s. Players may now choose between the second highest cleave in game (70% cleave + 70% bonus damage) or the longest confirmed non-channeling stun duration? (4.75s Reverse Polarity) 

Mirana"s Starfall gets a lower manacost. A yay to spammers và a nay lớn magically impoverished heroes. Her level 25 talents had also been slightly tweaked, with the -70s Moonlight Shadow cd increased to lớn -80s. (20s cooldown on her Ultimate, 15s with Octarine). 

A team-player Miramãng cầu would surely increase her overall menace with having full team invisibility every 15 seconds, a time of what could be well between teamfights, a feat that grips on the overall success of a gank or an escape. Soldier on Mirana players! This is the time khổng lồ shine.

Monkey King. Well, he is the King. Major increase over almost everything in his talent department. 

Level 10 Talent increased from +150 Tree Dance Vision AoE to lớn +300Level 15 Talent increased from +300 Tree Dance Cast Range lớn +600Level đôi mươi Talent increased from +300 Primal Spring Damage to lớn +400

Even before he had already been the annoying monkey jumping on supports & farming heroes. His menace had yet to see an kết thúc & I doubt it exists considering this new patch. However, there is a story as of to why such upgrades were implemented. It"s because players have sầu mostly picked his alternative sầu. Attaông xã speed, damage và crit, they were the building blocks of a good carry. Valve is giving more bonuses khổng lồ his Tree Dance và Primal Spring to give sầu players the confidence khổng lồ try out a different style of Monkey King, the real essence of a true mischief-maker. 

I had always seen Monkey King as a good utility anh hùng. He has survivability, a good stun, space making mechanism, and most importantly, the ability khổng lồ change inlớn a bottle of Clarity midfight.

Why not give it a try? Create some havoc, tilt the opposing team, be the King. 


Morphling"s Morph got reworked. He can now change between heroes during the whole duration with a 1s cooldown. Neat skill. This means that his ultimate"s skill cap depends on the player itself. A good mechanical player would be able khổng lồ utilize each skill, (long range if fighting against Sniper, lifesteal if against Lifestealer, Mana Burn + Blinks on AM, or simply không tính phí evasion with Phantom Assassin) và switches bachồng for the long run or final hit. At most, Morphling could well be equipped with 4 khổng lồ 5 skills depending on the heroes he morphed inkhổng lồ (2 of his, 3+ from the target)

By the end of a game, we could very well see either a full-blown nuking Morphling or a massive DPS nhân vật. Either way, watch out. He"s now more dangerous than ever.

Naga Siren"s nerf could possibly due to her appearance in recent tournaments. Her Song of the Siren now has an increasing manacost of 100/150/200 respectively, putting a greater burden to lớn her already low manapool.

Same goes for Omniknight, his Purification lost its decreasing cooldown và is replaced with a constant 11s cd throughout the game. 

Shadow Demon got an interesting offer at cấp độ 25. From +5s Disruption banish duration (A +5s lớn what may already be a long duration) to lớn 2 charges of Disruption. Is it better than the +500 Demonic Purge Damage? Long answer, yes. Short answer, yes.

Unless you"re playing a core Shadow Detháng, achieving màn chơi 25 in a game is a great feat for a player. And facing against harder, tankier cores, the main usage of Demonic Purge was never khổng lồ deal damage, it was to lớn purge and slow hlặng enough for the kill. Against a well countered team, your magic damage would still be rendered useless. But where does Disruption st& in this super-late-game scenario? It stands on the very usage of it during & after a teamfight. 

In a chaotic battle, you have sầu 2 charges of what may be a two 2.5 second stun or a 5-second stun on a single target. It disrupts channeling, removes potential troublemakers from the battlefield, và helps your teammates in a sticky situation (duel, Stuns, Hex, etc). At most, considering you build Euls, Shadow Demon would be able khổng lồ remove 3 heroes + 1 Demonic Purge target during a fight, severely reducing their capabilities. Even if the teams had decided lớn avoid a massive clash over the game, you still have 2 charges of free Manta Style. Disruption"s illusions last for 14 seconds, and with 2 of it, you"ll have 4 illusions of your hard carry, dealing 75% of damage, traveling towards the opposing ancient. 

Sven had some minor tweaks with talents swapped around levels. Most prominent one is the cooldown reduction talent. At màn chơi trăng tròn, Sven may opt for a -5s cooldown reduction on Storm Hammer compared to lớn the old -9s at màn chơi 25. And replacing the old talent at max cấp độ is the additional stun duration, a minor addition of +0.75s Storm Hammer stun. (2.75s stun max).

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Additional note. At level 15, Sven"s Storm Hammer can be equipped with a basic dispel, contesting the +30 movement speed bonus. Before 7.10, Sven players would have the freedom khổng lồ choose between +30 damage or +30 movespeed with the plus damage being picked mostly. As comtháng as it seems, many are not aware of the potential of having an extra 30 movetốc độ as Sven is a very damage focus nhân vật, his ultimate would cover most of the damage shortbachồng, & what he needs more is mobility. 

A common counter for Sven are ranged heroes and in this case, we"re going to lớn take Sniper & Drow as our base of comparison. Having threads, Sven would have a 340 movespeed, equal lớn Drow & 1 point more to lớn Sniper"s 339, if the case were these three heroes were fighting in melee, Sven would"ve won 2 out of every 3 fights. Unfortunately, that"s not the case, Sven is easily kited if played against a well-knowledged player. This is one of the main reasons why Sven had always been either the bởi or die type of nhân vật, he can get into lớn a fight, but he has a tough time getting out of one. This is where the extra +30 movespeed comes in. Equipped with 370 movetốc độ (nguồn Threads included), Sven could easily outmaneuver these two ranged heroes in a foot race. Sven already has the damage, all he needs now is strategical positioning and this +30 movespeed would surely benefits hlặng in the long run (4đôi mươi movespeed with Boots of Travel on. It"s pretty much Sven on skates)

Undying gets harder lớn kill with every patch. Now with increased cast range talents, Decay duration, & tankier Tombstone. 

Venomancer has the best talent trees. I swear. Now, they"re buffed with a massive sầu increase of AoE at màn chơi 25 (If you"re not a tín đồ of wards). Poison Nova AoE can be upgraded to lớn +800. Remember Ancient Apparition"s 900 AoE Cold Feet? Imagine it being green. That"s it.

(Disgustingly good)

Visage. Good news lớn Visage players who are having trouble with micro-ing Familiars. Now Visage has an ability that allows the nearest Familiar khổng lồ lvà when clicked. 

And that"s it, folks. There are more changes done và you can always check the official page for more information. The ones stated here are the major ones & what I find interesting. Hope you enjoyed the report.