Loài động vật nào "không sợ ai", kể cả báo, rắn độc?

Supporting staff during difficult times

Almost daily local councils announce large-scale job cuts và major reorganisations. This briefing looks at how local authorities & other public bodies can manage staff positively, so they not only survive, but thrive during this difficult period. - The briefing is mainly based on Leading Culture Change: Employee engagement & culture transformation published by the…

Little seasonal good cheer from Osborne

...a tall order & for many the Ghost of Christmas Future will loom large. They may well feel that George Osborne is still playing (unreformed) Scrooge lớn their Tiny Tim....

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Local government today

...and even universities and independent schools, the data amounts khổng lồ 900,000 organisations with combined income of £157bn employing 1.6m paid staff. The maps shows that “voluntary effort is not evenly...

The LGO và the future of local accountability: An 10kiem.vn Inquiry

This briefing outlines the findings of a new 10kiem.vn report, The LGO and the future of local accountability: An 10kiem.vn Inquiry. The 10kiem.vn carried out a consultation of the local government sector khổng lồ find out how the Ombudsman might better use the information it holds to lớn enhance local accountability. The report looks at how we…

Government response khổng lồ Wolf review of Vocational Education

...in any way the reforms & improvements that many young people really need lớn have sầu implemented This post is based on a 10kiem.vn members briefing written by Martin Rogers. Briefings...

Local government finance – the Vi xử lý Core Cities’ perspective

...shape of local government finance post-2020. The current work on the Fair Funding review, although much needed, is only tinkering at the edges; we are aiming to bring other ideas...

Building the right support: a national plan khổng lồ develop community services for people with a learning disability and/or autism with behaviour that challenges

‘Building the right support’ is the national plan lớn develop community services and cthất bại inpatient facilities for people with a learning disability and/or autism who display behaviour that challenges, including those with a mental health condition. We summarise & phản hồi on it here.

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Winners: C’llr Achievement awards 2011

...Thurrochồng Borough Council, Winner ‘Community Champion of the Year 2010’ Cllr Martin Hill Lincolnshire County Council, Winner ‘Leader of the Year 2010’ Emma Maier, Editor LGC Alan Pickstochồng, Editor C’llr...

Viewpoint: Corbyn & Trump, who’d have sầu thought it?

...of those fairground mirrors that throws baông chồng a completely distorted image of a massive head with eyes in a chin, long toàn thân & tiny little legs. Jeremy Corbyn và Donald...

Local authorities have sầu a crucial role in making electric cars an attractive option

The Institute for Public Policy Retìm kiếm (IPPR)’s Mark Rowney explains how local authorities can boost the dem& for electric cars.

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