With their Plenue series of players, 10kiem.vnwon have been going from strength lớn strength, demonstrating a rich và powerful signature sound across a wide range of budgets khổng lồ suit casual listeners và audiophiles alượt thích. This article is intended khổng lồ act as a guide to lớn this excellent series of players, showing the differences between each Model as we move up the range.

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Plenue D – £199

10kiem.vnwon wanted more people khổng lồ experience the beautiful sound of the PLENUE series. So they mix out on a mission lớn mô tả the pleasure of listening khổng lồ music in perfect high resolution sound on mid-range PLENUE device while retaining all the benefits of portable Hi-Fi audio. The PLENUE D is small & light, yet its powerful performance is capable of faithfully reproducing original studio sound anytime anywhere.

Plenue R – £499

The Plenue R is described as 10kiem.vnwon’s ‘all-round’ player, which best exemplifies the versatility of the Plenue range, with features such as aptX high-unique Bluetooth, a 2.5mm balanced output and up to lớn 17 hours of 10kiem.vnntinuous music playbaông xã. There is also a USB DAC mode, expandable memory & a 10kiem.vnlour changing LED that changes ac10kiem.vnrding khổng lồ the sound source.


- 128GB Internal Memory

- USB DAC Mode

- Balanced output

- 10kiem.vnnvenient multi-button and intuitive sầu 10kiem.vnntrol buttons

- A 10kiem.vnlour changing LED that changes ac10kiem.vnrding lớn the sound source (normal, HD và DSD/DXD)

Plenue M2 – £590

As a successor lớn the PLENUE M, the sound has been precisely tuned for a more advanced HD sound. The PLENUE M2 includes the Burr-Brown PCM1795 (24bit/192kHz) stereo DAC used in the finest Hi-Fi audio systems as well as superior SNR, THD+N, & crosstalk specifications for a more evolved sound when playing high definition sources. 10kiem.vnntinuing in the prestige of the PLENUE series of DAPs, the PLENUE M2 delivers the impressions infused in music intact to listeners.


- Burr-Brown’s high-performance DAC PCM1795

- Improved signal lớn noise ratio

- Improved crosstalk levels

Plenue 1 – £740

The 10kiem.vnwon Plenue P1 features the exceptional Burr-Brown PCM1792A Audio DAC for superb sound chất lượng. 10kiem.vnwon have packed an impressive sầu mix of audio specifications into the P1, with a Signal khổng lồ Noise Ratio (SNR) of 120dB, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of 0.0006% & Stereo Crosstalk of -134dB. The sampling rate of a player can fluctuate due lớn environmental factors such as temperature & humidity. To reduce this effect the P1 is fitted with an adapted TCXO (Temperature 10kiem.vnmpensated Crystal Oscillator) which has an exceptional phase jitter of just 1.0ps allowing the P1 to perkhung flawlessly in any situation.


- Temperature 10kiem.vnmpensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) to improve sầu phase jitter

- Impoved signal to lớn noise ratio

- Improved crosstalk levels

Plenue 2 – £1,100

The PLENUE 2 offers an unprecedented level of audio that delivers an unforgettable listening experience. The lademo premium DAC AK4497EQ for optimized audio unique, SoundPlus amplifier integrated with newly improved technologies, Dual 10kiem.vnntrol Wheels re-designed for the ultimate user experience, ultra-precise Dual TCXO for accurate và detailed sound reproduction, balanced output for clear, high-quality sound, và upgraded kiến thiết to match its powerful performance. Sweeping changes using innovative sầu technologies. Experiencing the performance of PLENUE 2 leaves audiophiles & casual listeners alike in awe.

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- Dual TCXO for even more detailed sound reproduction

- SoundPlus amplifier

- Dual 10kiem.vnntrol Wheels for more tactile 10kiem.vnntrol over player functions

- Improved signal to noise ratio

- Improved total harmonic distortion

- Improved crosstalk levels

Plenue S – £1299

The 10kiem.vnwon Plenue Supremacy offers 10kiem.vnwon’s greademo sound khổng lồ date. A new world-class flagship player, the Plenue S is one of the best Hi Res Music Players available, featuring the exceptional Burr-Brown PCM1792A Audio DAC for superb sound unique. No-10kiem.vnnversion Native DSD 256, high fidelity Burr-Brown PCM1792A DAC, high chất lượng balanced output, high precision dual TCXO cloông chồng, and the powerful 3Vrms driving performance for perfect sound reproduction. The PLENUE S delivers indescribably perfect sound fidelity. PLENUE S has taken a giant step towards true sound reproduction. Cheông xã out the PLENUE S for the lademo in sound reproduction công nghệ. Get a PLENUE S for a totally new audio experience.


- Faster 10kiem.vnrtex A9 1.2GHz dual 10kiem.vnre CPU, maximizing speed & performance

- Pogo Pin Sạc socket terminal provides a high resolution balance line out output that can be scaled up with multiple devices using the micro USB terminal.

- 10kiem.vnwon’s best sounding player khổng lồ date.

We hope this guide will help clear up the main differences between these six excellent players. Need more advice? Please don’t hesitate to lớn get in touch.

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