Plays csgo in vietnamese

A question based around CS:GO appeared on a practice math exam in Vietphái nam which has the whole CS:GO community wracking their brains.

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The question involves a player trying lớn hit the enemy with a Desert Eagle và revolves around the concept of chance and probability.
The final verdict by the CS:GO community was that the correct answer khổng lồ the question unfortunately did not match any of the given options.

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A question based around CS:GO recently appeared in a practice mathematics paper in Vietnam giới. The math question was based around the concept of probability & chance, leaving the CS:GO community wracking their brains as they attempted to lớn solve it. The kids are lucky lớn have a brilliant math teacher who seems khổng lồ be a CS:GO enthusiast as well, coming up with this interesting question where students had to lớn guess “probability of taking down the enemy in 7 shots,” based on a mix of prerequisite conditions. One thing which the community instantly pointed out was that the player in question was probably on an eco-round as he was mentioned holding a “Desert Eagle”.

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Question around CS:GO appears on math exam in Vietnam

The following question recently appeared on a practice math examination in Vietnam và it has taken the CS:GO community by storm as everyone tries lớn come up with a solution,

“Question: A player is holding a Desert Eagle và facing an enemy. Each shot he fires has một nửa chance of hitting the enemy. If the shot is accurate, there's also a 20% chance of it being a headshot which will kill the target immediately, otherwise, it requires 3 shots khổng lồ take down the enemy. What is the probability that the player takes down the enemy in 7 shots?”

The above question was originally in Vietnamese và was translated inkhổng lồ English by ‘u/workerq1’. A lot of community members appreciated the math teacher who clearly seems to lớn be a Counter-Strike enthusiast, for coming up with such an interesting question which more or less aligns with the actual game mechanics also.

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Original math question that appeared in the exam

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A lot of users came up with a solution which unfortunately did not match with any of the given options, “A. 75.625% B. 87.25% C. 85.125% D. 78.5%”. This lead to a lot of confusion, but one thing which almost everyone agreed upon was that the player in question was definitely on an eco-round as he was playing with a Desert Eagle.

Solution for the problem as determined by the community members

Another thing everyone pointed out was that he was playing against passive bots because the opponent was not shooting baông xã. Well, what can I say us CS:GO players vì chưng analyze everything in great detail and sometimes over up using a bit more ngắn gọn xúc tích than actually necessary. However, it was great lớn see that a question featuring CS:GO was used in a math paper in a proper manner, but I bởi vì wonder what the answer could be!

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