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15 Best Detháng Slayer Cosplays That Look Exactly Like the Characters Demon Slayer has one of the most immensely passionate fanbases in anime, as demonstrated by these amazing cosplays.

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Crunchyroll"s hit new anime Demon Slayer (also known as Kimetsu no Yaiba) is a rising star in the anime world. Feeling reminiscent of InuYasha or Bleach, this anime explores the journey of a mountain boy turned master swordsman Tanjiro và his quest to lớn return his demon sister Nezuko baông chồng into lớn human khung. Tanjiro lives in quite a world; he moves from the snowy mountains khổng lồ early-1900s Tokyo and beyond, & Japan is slowly modernizing in the new century. But even with telephone poles and train appearing, demons & other ancient evils still lurk.

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Now it"s time for cosplay! Any popular anime will get its fair chia sẻ of cosplayers, & some costumes, wigs, và liên hệ lenses look convincing enough khổng lồ earn a spot on a movie phối. Many cosplayers lượt thích to cốt truyện their creations on Instagram, và that includes Detháng Slayer. Let"s browse some of the finest Demon Slayer cosplays out there.

Update July 26th, 2020 by Louis Kenner: With one smash-hit season under its belt and another on the horizon (as well as the manga"s recent completion), the Detháng Slayer franchise is in a comfortable position right now. It is continuing lớn attract new fans & inspire all sorts of cosplay & bạn art, and there are so many skilled Demon Slayer cosplayers out there, more should be added lớn this list. So, let"s meet five sầu more Demon Slayer cosplayers who really know their stuff.

The Butterfly Estate is a powerful home base for some of the demon slayers, và it is there where Tanjiro, Inosuke, và Zenitsu underwent some vital training at the hands of Shinobu"s associates. Butterflies aren"t just colorful; they can be powerful, too.

These cosplayers did a fine job bringing the Butterfly Estate girls khổng lồ life, from their exquisite và anime-accurate robes lớn the lighting effects that allude khổng lồ the supernatural powers that all demon slayers have sầu.

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14 Tengen Uzui, The Mighty

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「遅れて悪かったな。こっからはド派手にいくぜ!!」 hóa trang 宇髄天元/UZUI TENGEN 鬼滅の刃/DEMON SLAYER #コストレ #cosplayworkout #uzuitengencosplay #鬼滅の刃 #宇髄天元 #コスプレは世界を救う #筋肉は世界を救う #筋肉紳士集団

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This is the Sound Hashira, Tengene Uzui. He is a master swordsman who can take on the Upper Moons, and he has an eccentric and loud personality lớn match. When he steps onlớn the battlefield, everyone will know it.

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This cosplayer captured every last aspect of this flamboyant character, from his well-muscled physique to the markings on his face và the elaborate details of his armb& and headband, not lớn mention that battle-ready pose.


13 On A Mission

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Another pic of my giyuu photoshoot, hope you lượt thích it ☆ I really really love sầu this one -------------------------------------------------- Cosplayer and pholớn editor: 
dokidokicosplay_official -------------------------------------------------- #giyuu #giyuutomioka #tomiokagiyuu #demonslayer #kimetsunoyaibacosplay #kimetsunoyaiba #giyuucosplay #demonslayercosplay #tanjiroukamado #cosplay #animecosplay #きめつのやいば #コスプレ #アニメ #giyuutomiokacosplay #dokidokicos

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Some cosplay shots are more than just the character posing; they create a scene, và this can alter the tone và mood for the entire shot. This Giyu cosplayer decided khổng lồ depict his character in the middle of a demon-slaying mission, & it turned out great.

The robe is accurate khổng lồ the anime & looks lượt thích it"s high-chất lượng and comfortable to wear, and better yet, the cosplayer has a stern, focused expression that is 100% Giyu. His sword is held at the ready; no doubt he caught a demon"s scent.

12 A Well-Deserved Rest

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______________________________ Photographer -
photoshilen Nezuko -
eva.rosse _______________________________ #zenitsu #zenitsucosplay #KimetsunoYaiba #kimetsunoyaibacosplay #nezukokamavì #zenitsuagatsuma #nezukochanchan #cosplaygirl #cosplay #c0splay #cosplayboy #nezukozenitsu #love #코스프레

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The job of a demon slayer is not an easy one, và Tanjiro"s group has been on the road for some time. If that wasn"t enough, they"re carrying around a demon themselves: Nezuko. But it"s worth the trouble lớn help Nezuko regain her humanity.

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In this lovely cosplay shot, Zenitsu và Nezuko are laying down for a nice rest, and for once, Zenitsu doesn"t look terrified or anxious. He likes Nezuko a great deal, và having her nearby is putting hyên ổn at ease. For a little extra flair, the cosplayers added a glowing firefly effect on the bottom left of the screen.


11 Lovely Tanjiro

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