Tổng hợp các phím tắt thường dùng trong gta v

The PC version of Grand Theft Aulớn V (GTA V) has taken almost two years lớn launch after the game initially released on the PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 in 2013. But it comes with its own unique features. Of these, the most convenient one is in-built recording and editing. What this means is, you don"t need a third-buổi tiệc ngọt solution lượt thích FRAPS lớn record your GTA V gameplay on PC. Instead, everything can be managed within the game. Here"s how you can make the most of it.

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Recording your clips

Holding ALT & pressing F1 turns on Manual Recording. This lets you start & stop recording during gameplay. Pressing Left ALT and F1 saves it while pressing Left ALT and F3 cancels it.Saved clips will playbaông chồng in-sequence.


Pressing F2 lets you use Action Replay. This allows you to lớn save gameplay moments right after they have happened. The game will constantly buffer recorded data in the background but it will not save sầu anything until you decide to lớn create an Action Replay.

When an sự kiện worth sharing occurs you can choose to lớn capture it by holding ALT and pressing F1 khổng lồ choose "Save kích hoạt Replay", similar lớn how tapping a button on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One lets you record gameplay footage after it happens.

Cancelling the recording (Left ALT and F3) will delete all data recorded since the last clip was saved.

đoạn phim details

The duration of an kích hoạt Replay clip depends on the amount activity during a recording. If it"s a segment that"s not too busy, it will be up khổng lồ one minute and 30 seconds. More chaotic scenes will cloông xã up lớn 30 seconds. If you want to have more control over the clip, you can use the manual recording instead.

Clips are automatically titled when saved. This is in the format "Month DD YYYY video clip XXXX" (e.g., "Aquảng bá 11 2012 video 0021").


You can manage the amount of space used to lớn store clips by going khổng lồ Pause Menu > Settings > Rockstar Editor. And you can go to lớn video clip Management khổng lồ delete unwanted clips and không tính tiền up more space.

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Editing clips

Press the pause button and select Rockstar Editor. You can view your clip in Clip Management. Then open Create New Project. Choose Add Clip.

Select from your recorded clips and place them on the timeline. Once you"ve placed a clip press ENTER or double clichồng each clip khổng lồ edit.

Use the mouse wheel khổng lồ scroll through each frame in the video clip.


Delete clips with DEL, duplicate a clip with LEFT CTRL và C. Press LEFT CTRL và X lớn "piông chồng up" & move sầu highlighted clips on your timeline khổng lồ a different location, or cliông xã & drag them.

You can also use a variety of effects such as adjusting depth of field, adding audio, speed & in certain cases, manipulate camera angles too, which are all available as options khổng lồ clichồng on.

Saving and exporting your video

Pressing F5 allows you to quick save sầu to lớn prsự kiện any untoward data loss. To change the name of your project or to save different versions of the same project use Save sầu Project As.

Export your project once you are done by selecting Export in the Project Main Menu.


Set Frame RateBit Rate using export options. Depending on your hardware and choices, the export may take slightly longer than the length of the đoạn phim or in our case, around trăng tròn minutes for a one minute, high bitrate, 60 frames per second đoạn Clip.

Upload your video

Once you have sầu exported a video clip, you can choose lớn upload it to YouTube from your Video Gallery. The complete video will appear in your Video Gallery in the Rockstar Editor Main Menu. You can view it in fullscreen và upload it lớn YouTube or the Rockstar Social Club.

Please note

All videos will be uploaded lớn YouTube; any videos uploaded as Public or Unlisted will also be linked on Rockstar Games Social Club.

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You can phối your YouTube upload status as Public, Private or Unlisted in the Rockstar Editor tab of the Settings menu. Any videos you upload will use the last defined status.

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