Tynker: coding for kids, kids programming classes & games

A lot of beginners can become intimidated when they"re learning how lớn code. But learning through coding games can be fun and educational.

According to lớn True Education Partnerships,

Gamification in learning involves using game-based elements such as point scoring, peer competition, team work, and score tables to lớn drive engagement, help students assimilate new information and test their knowledge.

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I have curated a menu of 12 coding games for beginners.

Here is the complete list. Once you find a website that interests you, click that liên kết and it will jump you down khổng lồ a more detailed description of that website.


CodinGame is a site that helps you work on problem solving skills & learn programming basics through a turn-based game.

This platform supports over 25 different programming languages and gives players the opportunity khổng lồ practice, learn, and compete in coding contests.

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Once you create an account, you can get started with the beginner màn chơi onboarding section. You will be introduced khổng lồ standard programming concepts & solve mini challenges.

CSS Diner

In CSS Diner, you can practice the basics of CSS through a series of 32 challenges. This is a good way to get more familiar with the language and have fun learning it.

The first few challenges are short và focus on working with classes & ids. But as you progress through the levels, you will be introduced to Pseudo-selectors, First of Type Selector, Last of Type Selector, và the Universal Selector.

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Flexbox Froggy

In Flexbox Froggy, you will learn CSS Flexbox by placing the frogs on the correct lillypads. By the time you finish cấp độ 24, you should feel comfortable using Flexbox in your next project.

Each challenge provides a description on the Flexbox properties. The first few challenges start off easy but as you progress in the game things get more complicated.

Flexbox Defense

Flexbox Defense is a tower defense game that helps you strengthen your CSS skills. Position the towers to lớn keep out your enemies using CSS Flexbox.

The challenges will provide you with definitions of the Flexbox properties. Once you write your code, press the Start Wave button & see if you were successful in stopping your enemies.

Grid Garden

Learn CSS Grid by going through 28 levels of Grid Garden. Some familiarity with CSS Grid is encouraged but not required for getting started with the game.

Each challenge provides a mô tả tìm kiếm on the CSS Grid properties. The first few challenges start off easy but as you progress in the trò chơi things get more complicated.


CodeCombat works well for both kids & adult learners. You can create a miễn phí account & learn the fundamentals of programming lượt thích loops, functions, conditionals, & variables.

You can choose which programming language to start with & work your way through the games.

You also have the option to upgrade lớn the premium trương mục if you are interested in having access to lớn more levels.


MIT"s Scratch is a block based programming language where you can learn about events, conditionals, variables, và more by building your own games and animations.

Choose from dozens of sprites, sounds và backgrounds khổng lồ code your own creations và start understanding programming basics.

Scratch is also used during the first week of Harvard"s CS50: Introduction khổng lồ Computer Science course.


Tynker is a site where you can build projects và play games using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and Java. They have an extensive các mục of projects, algorithms & data structure challenges.

You can build these projects in the online editor & share your creations within the community. This site is aimed at kids between the ages of 5-18.

SQL Murder Mystery

SQL Murder Mystery is great for both beginners & experienced SQL developers. Strengthen your SQL and problem solving skills by trying lớn track down the killer in this murder mystery.

The game uses SQLite & you will first have khổng lồ get acquainted with the database structure before starting the game.

If you are new lớn SQL, there is a detailed walk through for beginners. Otherwise, if you are an experienced SQL user then you can dive straight into the game.


Untrusted is an adventure trò chơi where you can test your JavaScript và problem solving skills. Help guide Dr. Eval through a series of levels by solving JavaScript challenges.

If you are brand new to JavaScript then this game might be a little advanced for you. But if you have spent some time programming in JavaScript then the challenges will be doable.

Elevator Saga

Elevator Saga is a JavaScript trò chơi where you will go through a series of challenges trying to lớn transport people in elevators in the most efficient way possible within the time given.

Once you modify the code, you can test the efficiency of your solution by clicking the start button in the đứng đầu right hand corner. When the program is running, you can check the stats to see if you passed the challenge or not.


CheckiO is a strategy trò chơi where you can learn TypeScript or Python through a series of challenges. Once you create a miễn phí account, you will start off with the beginner challenges and work your way through to the advanced ones.

The game will give you access lớn hints and other players" solutions if you need help. You will solve each of the challenges in the online editor and move onto the next mission when the task is solved.