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We delete uploaded xps files instantly và converted doc files after 24 hours. All files transfer with secured an advanced cấp độ of SSL encryption.

You don"t need khổng lồ install any software. All xps khổng lồ doc conversions make in the cloud và don"t use any resources of your computer.

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Microsoft XML Paper Specification File

File extension .xps
File category documents
Description The open XML paper specification is referred lớn as XPS and is an organized XML markup used to lớn determine how document pages are presented. The markup language is a sub-group of XAML, allowing the incorporation of vector-graphics in documents. The development of the XPS by Microsoft was intended to create another choice for the PDF. Ecma International adopted this file format as an international standard ECMA-388.
Technical details XPS is a sub-group of XAML. It is composed of an organized markup used in determining the outlook of a document, provided for distribution, storing, development, và printing. XAML lets a user add vector-graphic elements since their description is informal và simple terms. Raster images support HD images; it prevents the provision of artifacts và reduces computer processes" work. Operating systems possess a print spooler format features with the ability lớn print from printers that are not XPS-aware, producing images that are low in chất lượng compared to lớn those that are XPS-aware. The XPS file"s supported features include printing schemes, color gradients, transparencies, calibrated printer, CMYK color spaces, & numerous ink systems.

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